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    Inserting Auto Numbers at beginning of blocks of text / digits

    Hi, Quick question, hopefully simple question, from a confused newbie. I have 1,000 block of digits, each block is separated by 3 carriage returns in Notepad. I want to copy and paste into Excel and auto number each block - see sample below I want to number each block i.e. Block 1, Block 2...
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    auto numbering with a part of text

    Hi All, I'm using the following formula to auto number invoices with a macro. Range("A10").Value = Range("a10").Value + 1 But if I use inv001 it give me a mismatch error. and if I use only 001 the invoices are numbered without the leading zero's. I prefer the inv001 numbering and the text...
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    Auto numbering across separate workbooks

    Good Morning! This is probably simpler than I think, but I couldn't find anything on it in the posts. I am using excel to produce production sheets for use in our manufacturing plant. Currently we just look and see what the last sequence number was, (in the last file name), and enter it into...
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    Changing Data Type

    I was asked to look at somebody elses Access 2002 DB with a request to change a field "Req Nbr" which is an auto-number field to a non-autonumber field so the user can fill in their own values. Also the field is a Key field used to link to another table. Can I change the field type to just...
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    Return value in auto number field when inserting

    I am using VBA in excel to insert values into an Access DB (if I should post in excel questions please let me know). In order to link my tables together I use the id from one table as the reference in others. Pretty standard I guess. Now the thing is, that the id is inserted using auto...
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    want to generate autonumber in specific format

    I am creating a database and want to have primary key generated automatically in a specific format. Auto number serves the purpose but it generates only numbers. I want the format to look something like "XYY###" where X stands for company codes, YY stands for year (09, 10....) and ### stands...
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    Excel HELP!! Simple question... really

    Hi. Before I jump out of a window, can someone please help me figure this out: I have a column of Company Names that I need to assign a unique ID number to. Here is the rub, since the Company Names are attached to the Company Employees, there are many duplicates... Example: <TABLE...

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