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    Pivot auto refresh VBA when pivot in same sheet with data source

    Hi everyone! I ve been searching the web but managed to find zero about this. I need a vba in order to auto update several pivot tables all of which are placed in the same sheet. In addition the data source also placed in the same sheet. The data source is a named table. I would like all pivot...
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    Auto Refresh Macro When Cell Changes

    I am going to be leaving this company soon to go back to college, but I want to make a macro so that the next person who takes my position can do my job easier. I want it so when whoever edits a range of data, it will automatically refresh all of the pivot tables in the workbook. For example. I...
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    Macro to auto-refresh the worksheet until a certain condition is met

    Hi guys. First of all, let me just say that I have very little knowledge of VBA and any form of help from you guys would be awesome. Here is the formula that I already have. Cells A1 to A5 have =randbetween(1,5) Cells B1 to B5 also have the same =randbetween(1,5) Cells C1 to C5 =Sum(A1:B1)...
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    Help with Advanced Filters and Auto Refresh

    I have 5 worksheets in a workbook, each with a table containing the same column headings and all tables begin at B12 and end at Col L. I would like to have the rows from each of the 5 tables copied to a separate master sheet. Also, each time the tables are updated with new data and/or rows are...
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    Select Entire PivotTable, Refresh, Resize Another Doesn't work!

    I have the following macros on the Sheet code of one pivot table which works great for refreshing, selecting entire pt to print and also resizes if anything changes on the pt. I am including both sets of code below Here is my issue, when I copy this data to another sheet and modify the sheet...
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    Updating now() automatically

    UPDATING NOW() AUTOMATICALLY I have the =NOW() formula in several worksheets. How can I have them automatically updated, let’s say every 5 seconds? Thank you very much for your help . . . Please also see my question about the code I cannot run. Thanks again
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    Auto Refresh every 3 minutes using a macro

    I have inserted a button to allow me to refresh my data (Various info from the web), however the data will only refresh when I click the button. Is there a way to make it auto refresh every 3 minutes? Below is the data from visual basic: Sub Refresh() ' ' Refresh Macro ' '...

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