1. S

    Excel VBA Auto_Open() detect what workbook you are opening

    EXAMPLE CODE NOT REAL: Private Sub Auto_Open() If ( Activeworkbook.isNewDocuement() == false ) then Goto :EOF End If ' [code example] ' [code example] ' [code example] :EOF End Sub I have a macro that runs each time excel open which works great but now I want it...
  2. S

    Macro Auto_open won't run if excel opened from another macro. Please help.

    Hi there. I have an Excel "Blank Rate request Form" that enters today's date in one cell and the identified user in another cell. It is housed on a shared drive (R:) for others to use. If anyone opens that folder and opens the Excel the above macro works fine. Sub Auto_open()...
  3. P

    How do get a macro to automatically activate when you click on a sheet.

    I put the following code in (the macro area of) Sheet 2 Sub Auto_Open() Sheets("Home").Activate MsgBox "Welcome " End Sub However, nothing happens when I click into Sheet 2.
  4. jase71ds

    VBA: Regarding Sub Auto_Open()

    Hi, I have an Auto_Open macro that cleans up data before allowing the user to begin. This only takes around 8 seconds, but I wanted to put a message asking the user to please wait a moment while we tidy things up. What I found is that when I start my Auto_Open macro with MsgBox("Please wait a...
  5. R

    Workbook_open() not working

    Hello, I pasted some of my code into a workbook that I am working on and it generated alot of weird "Automation Errors" that I am not familiar with. This code used Auto_open() and when I get the Automation error the debugger highlighted another piece of code that that I coppied from the...
  6. A

    Create a Macro to remove Auto_Open before saving

    Hello! I have created an Auto_Open Macro with about 5 call macros within it. at the end it saves the file as todays date. I need the new file to no longer Auto_Open, however I still would like to have access to the macros. Is there a way to delete only the Auto_Open Macro in the new file, or...
  7. B

    Run Macro on Open and If statement

    Hello everyone, Thank you in advanced for your help. I would like to have a macro run when a workbook is opened but only if the current date of a cell doesn't match up with the system date. What I have Private Sub Auto_Open() Application.ScreenUpdating = False...
  8. P


    Over several years, I have been creating and updating an elaborate spreadsheet using VBA and XLM 4 macros. It all works fine. You may wonder why I still use XLM 4 type macros - and my reply is to admit that my detailed experience of VBA is very, very limited and since the XLM macro operates...
  9. weiser386

    I need help limiting my macro to only a specific workbook

    I have created an excel spreadsheet that updates with production data every 3 seconds and part of the macro changes the format of the file to be full screen because it is displayed on a giant TV monitor in our production issue is that once this file is opened on a computer if you...
  10. hatman

    Anyone ever hear of this?

    So I had a colleague ask me to come help him with some code that was firing when he closed a workbook that he inheritted. The first thing that struck me as odd was that is was a .xlsx, not a .xlsm. Ipso fatso: no VBA code in the book anywhere. First I had him check...
  11. K

    Auto CSV to Excel to Word

    I am trying to use Excel as an interface between CSV files & Word using the 2003 version, the function of Excel being to properly format the data before import into Word. If anybody can suggest a simpler way, I would be happy to try. The process is as follows: - CSV files are updated every...
  12. D

    Auto_Open macro: read-only after expiry?

    Hello - I am looking for assistance with my Auto_Open macro. Currently it forces the workbook closed after a designated expiration date. I'm trying to alter it so that users have read-only access to the workbook after it expires, rather than forcing it closed. Any suggestions would be greatly...
  13. D

    need macro to remove auto_open when i Save

    I have a file that generates a report automatic using the Auto_Open macro and the scheduler .. at 6 am the file open and imports data from other files and generates report, then, the report is auto save as a file with at date code added. Problem ... when the file is rename it still contain the...
  14. V

    Building Menus with Macros upon opening Excel

    I have a macro that successfully creates a menu. However, it appears as if the menu is deleted right after it is created. Does Excel load the excel11.xlb after the auto_open macros run? Any suggestions on how I can create menu items at start-up. Thanks - VBADJ
  15. B

    Auto_open functionality

    I keep reading that auto_open is not a preferred, modern method and that it is retained for backwards compatibility purposes only. But auto_open is the only way I've found (so far) to trigger an XL event when a module opens in my application. I have an application where the event detection...

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