autofill 1004

  1. R

    Need help on code to copy formula from one cell to other cells in the row on a dynamic table

    Hi All, I am still learning VBA and currently, I am stuck on how I can copy formula from cell(1,1) on a table to new rows when the table expands (or new columns are added). Here's an example of my setup: Table1: PricesPerFruit <tbody> Fruit Price apple 1 pineapple 2 grapes 3 </tbody>...
  2. M

    Autofill last row error

    Hi guys, I know there are many posts on this topic. However I still could not figure out for my specific case. Please help. Thank you! It errors at Selection.AutoFill Destination:=ThisWorkbook.Sheets("Output").Range("A" & targetrow & ":C" & LastRow), Type:=xlFillCopy The full code is as...
  3. M

    On autofill to last row, getting Runtime Error 1004 'range of object'_Global' failed

    Hi all, Been struggling with this for a bit, figured it was time to ask for help. I have a bunch of formulas in columns B through R. I need to autofill these formulas from the second row (the first is headers) to the last row in my spreadsheet. The last row is dynamic based on data, so I've...
  4. J

    VBA Autofill

    Hi all, This is probably something pretty easy, I'm just not at all familiar with vba. I have a grade book that I am using for my class this semester. I have entered in it my 15 students names, with each of there 5 test scores in columns (B3:F3) and class average in column (G3). I would like...
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    Autofill from Activecell to Lastrow

    Hi All, My first post to the forum. Usually I find I am able to solve any problems I have by browsing historic posts and amending solutions to suit my needs however this one has me stumped. I have a worksheet with four columns (A,B,C & D) which is tens of thousands of rows long and grows each...
  6. M

    Excel Autofill Problem

    Hi, I'm having problems with a VBA script. The function fills in a sheet with some formulas. It works fine most of the time, however when I run it on a larger data set... it crashes with: Run-time error '1004': AutoFill method of Range class failed The debugger points to the last AutoFill...

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