autofill formula

  1. T

    Autofill Formula To Specific Column

    I currently have this: Dim lastrow As Long Dim lastcol As Long Sheets("Template").Select Range("v13").Select lastrow = Range("S" & Rows.Count).End(xlUp).Row lastcol = Range(11, Columns.Count).End(xlToLeft).Column Range("V13").Formula = "FORMULA HERE" Range("V13").AutoFill...
  2. D

    VBA to enter a formula into a specific cell and fill down: in every worksheet but one.

    Hi Folks, I have 5 worksheets, 4 of which---Sheet 1, 2, 3, and 4 contain tables. The fifth worksheet is called "MACRO" and I'm using it for a user interface, so I need to avoid running the macro in this worksheet. What I want to do is put a formula into cell AF16 of worksheets 1 to 4, and...
  3. N

    Autofill formula to a number of rows specified by value(changing) in another cell

    Hi, I am a beginner at writing macros. I am trying to autofill formula in A1 to A("value mentioned in cell B1). FillDown code works alright if the changing value in cell B1 is going up. E.g.: if B1= 15 my formula gets filled to A15 but next time if B1=10, it leaves the previous values in cells...
  4. J

    Trouble Creating an Autofill from a linked cell every 9 lines

    Hello all I am having difficulty creating an autofill formula. The first tab of my file is called "By Room" and I would like to link exactly every 9th cell down the sheet (starting with B7 and going forward, B16, B25, B34, B43 etc.) to the second tab, called "Ceilings" into every cell without...
  5. E

    Fill formula to last row

    Hello, I do not know how to write code, but only how to record macros. I have 3 adjacent cells with vlookup formulas (E2, F2, and G2), and i want the formula to fill to last row with data. Each time the macro is ran, it will start in the same spot (E2:G2), but will have a different end point...
  6. X

    Default AutoFill & xlCellTypeBlanks (VBA)

    Please help! I have a column in a worksheet that has data filled in sections with blank cells in between. I want to create a macro that will find a section of blank cells and perform a default autofill (xlFillDefault) based on the value in the cell above each blank section. Then repeat down to...
  7. G

    Auto fill cells

    I am working in VBA and am having an issue trying to get my information to copy down a formula until there is no data. The ranges of which to copy down changes so cant do a certain range. I have the formula in cell S4 and want it to be filled down. I am basing the data off column E that is 14...
  8. C

    Autofill Formula problems

    My code errors at the AUTOFILL method line. Do I have a syntax error somewhere. 'Continued Formatting CB IMPACT lastRow = sht.Range("A" & sht.Rows.Count).End(xlUp).Row sht.Range("V3").Select ActiveCell.FormulaR1C1 = "new cb" sht.Range("W3").Select ActiveCell.FormulaR1C1 =...
  9. C

    Tricky-Need to populate multiple cells with text from file name of photos. Xl2010/Win7

    Brief & descriptive as possible. I have formatted the naming of inspection photos in a manner in which contains details to be populated within a spreadsheet pertaining to their location. I'm trying to use a set of code that takes segments of the file name, transfers them into their respective...
  10. I

    Autofill with Dynamic Cell References

    I was wondering how - if possible - I can go about using the autofill method to fill to the end of the column if the column isn't necessarily specified, but referenced. It's harder to explain than it is to see so here's what I'm working with right now. I just started using VBA a couple of...
  11. P

    V-lookup copy down help

    Hello! I was wondering if someone could help me formulate a V-Lookup formula for this case: After I type in the project # into Sheet 1 A2 & A3, I would like B2 & B3 to automatically be filled with Sheet 2's column D with either "First" or "Second". Right now I have...
  12. P

    Auto-fill from one sheet to another without V-lookup

    Hello, Is there a formula I can use to complete this action? I am unable to use V-lookup since the information is split up and not left to right. I'd like to pull information from Sheet 1 D2 Sheet 1: <tbody> A B C D 1 Project # Phase Client Milestone 2 1234 ABC Roger First...
  13. C

    Convert 1 row of data to 4 rows and have it repeat every 4 rows

    This is my raw data: I want to get to something like this: How do I do it? I cannot get the formula to repeat. I'm using the following...
  14. S

    VBA vlookup iserror with autofill to dynamic range - preset variables

    Thanks very much for your help on my last question. Here I am trying to use vlookups in vba with variables that are set depending on which worksheet I am working on. I want to loop through a column (C) doing vlookups until the last row and enter the value 'unknown' on an error. For each...
  15. J

    Autofill Nonconsecutive with formula

    First time poster. I have the following formula: =IF(DATA!B69=0,DATA!B69,(DATA!A202&" "&DATA!B69)) The first entry is in Column BO; Row 2. The next entry would go into Column BS; Row 2. The formula in the second entry should be =IF( DATA!B72 =0,DATA!B72,(DATA!A202&" "&DATA!B72)) As I have 40...
  16. P

    Need help AutoFilling a formula in a column

    Hello, I'm pulling data from a CSV file. The CSV file has a "Quantity" column that contains the absolute value of the quantity. I want to add a new "Qty" column and an if statement to say if certain criteria is met, make the value negative. Here's what I have so far from the recorder...
  17. opazzo

    Macro Autofill formula and keep values only

    Hi there, I have a formula in A6 that I need to copy down to the last row in column A. Once copied I only need to keep values in all cells except in A6. Can I use : Range("A6").AutoFill Destination:=Range("A6:A" & LastRow), Type:=xlFillValues Instead of my current code ...
  18. N

    Autofill Help!! How to skip rows?

    Hello, So i have this spreadsheet that references another spreadsheet. It compares two rows in spreadsheet "error" and returns a value in spreadsheet "audit". I have multiple columns each with a slightly different formula but the main issue is i am trying to autofill in the rest of the rows in...
  19. D

    Protection/Cell Locking...can't copy... aaarrgh!!

    Hi anyone, I have been stuck for ages with a VBA excel conundrum. If anyone can help, that would be amazing, as I have run out of ideas Basically, I have created an equipment list form that fits onto 1 page. Sometimes, there is a lot of equipment, so it needs to be extended. I created a...

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