1. S

    Stop reformatting when I add a hyperlink

    I have formatted the cells in a database I built in Excel 2013. The problem is, I need other people to copy rows and redirect the hyperlink on the new row to a new page. But when you add a hyperlink Excel "helpfully" undoes the formatting I've inserted. I know I can change the default...
  2. D

    Creating a Macro to compile from different Workbooks

    I work with some software that generates various reports as excel docs. The naming convention is always the same for these documents. There are a total of 4 documents I draw from to make a final report. Most of the numbers on this final report are simple cut and paste from one workbook into...
  3. D

    Word Macro Adjusts Page Orientation

    Hi, I'm writing a macro in Microsoft Word 2010. The macro itself is inserting and deleting bookmarks based on user inputs in an excel document. There is one table in this document that is 6 pages long and I adjusted the orientation to Landscape for these pages only. The rest of this document...
  4. C

    Excel changing " to two ' by itself.

    Basically whenever I enter " (quotation 1 symbol) and follow it by a Cyrillic text, Excel automatically changes it to two apostrophes ('' 2 symbols) and my formulas start trowing up errors. It also happens when I edit only the text of a previously working formula, as demonstrated in this short...
  5. A

    Restore Default Excel 2003 PivotTable Colors

    How do you restore the default color (black) for PivotTables created through the Wizard? Current PivotTables default to red borders instead of black. The borders may be manually changed to another color but return to red when the data is refreshed. Please help!
  6. jlhudg23

    Stop cells from automatically shading

    Problem: I have a few contiguous cells (below each other in same column) that are shaded (fill color). When I enter text/data/whatever in the next cell down and hit [ENTER], the cell I just entered text/data/whatever into automatically shades to the same color as the few cells above. I want to...

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