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    importing data - check if already exist replace or else insert in the bottom

    Hi, I got a task that are a bit over my current vba skills, and i was hoping that someone could help me out. i need to import some data regulary and update a database. what my need is, to check if the data in column A in sheet2 (new data) already is in column A in data (database). if yes it...
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    VBA - Extract info from Webpage

    Hi there I have a spreadsheet with a stock ticker in A2. Let’s say for example "GRMN" which is Garmin's stock ticker. I want some code which will go to the webpage”STOCKTICKER”. So in my example this would be:
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    Automatically and Periodically Loading Data into Excel

    Hi All, As a side project, I am working on creating a stock index comprised of 25 or so stocks and tracking their change. To set this up, I loaded the closing prices of the stocks for the past 6 months, and weighted each of the stocks a certain way (ex. .1, .015, .2 of the entire index) based...
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    automate yahoo finance query refresh from html

    Hello I am using the following code to import historical indices data for 5 different indexes in yahoo finance. Public Sub Import_Yahoo_Finance_Historical() Dim URL As String Dim dateParams As String 'Date ranges from default earliest Yahoo start date (m/d/y) to current...
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    Open txt file in EXCEL automatically + auto arrange

    I have a .txt file from monitoring data. it comes in following format Example: 3,673,49,2,43,89,8,138,45,9,49,675 etc. 1) The data is in groups of 3 .. but comes as ONE string with commas. 2) 2nd number has a reference table for description in another Excel table Say: 673 | RRRRR 43 |...
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    Importing multiple data files

    Hi all, I've got 170 csv files that I'm looking to compile into excel so as to analyse them, but am hoping to avoid having to do that one by one, adding each as a seperate tab. Does anyone have any ideas of how I could do this, e.g. a macro or script, or if there's an "add all as tabs" add-in...

    Would like help to automate importing a TSV file

    Hi folks, A few times a month I receive a TSV file that I want to add to an Excel sheet. The first row is always the same, consisting of the column titles. The remaining rows vary in number. Sometimes there's just one, other times three (and in the future perhaps more). The files come with...
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    open a webpage and download a csv file from excel

    I need excel to open this webpage: then select the link to the csv file and download it, then open it in excel. I would like to automate this process to happen every 5 minutes, so that I can create a database.
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    want to automate excel import to access

    I have loads of excel files to be uploaded in Access. Each file has the same field format and have 2 tabs (again with the same format) I want to automate this import process such that while importing this data with all fields to one master table, it should capture the 3 more fields 1. Time it...

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