1. B

    Use autoscale on chart but prevent major unit <1?

    Hi, I need the y-axis on my chart to autoscale, so that the major units will be 5, 10, whatever, as appropriate, when the values are large. But sometimes the values will be very small and the autoscale sets the major unit to 0.5. I am counting people who meet certain criteria, so this is not...
  2. E

    vba code to autoscale y axis

    I have a sheet that has several different series in a chart i created. i need to autoscale the y axis with the chart. The way my sheet works is I press a button and the sheet jumps to the graph. What i would like to do is when the button is pressed to select the graph to view is add a line of...
  3. K

    Graph Auto Scale Not Working

    We just upgraded from Excel 2003 to Excel 2007. I have graph where I can use a drop down to select different departments to view. Since the upgrade the "auto" scale on the Y axis is not working on some of the graphs. Some display properly and some do not. The scale is way too high. I also have...
  4. R

    Auto Y-Scaling Chart

    Hi, I'm using this code to update the scale of a chart on the active sheet. I would like to move this chart to a different tab, a chart one, but I'm not being able to update the code to work, any ideas? Select Case Target.Address Case "$A$2"...

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