1. J

    AutoShape causing one tab to run very slow and crash

    One tab on an Excel spreadsheet is running very slowly. When I go Find & Select, Selection Pane, I can see there are at least 50 shapes, all called "AutoShape 140" (no idea where these came from). Whenever I try to delete any of these (even individually), Excel crashes. I have tried...
  2. Jaafar Tribak

    A Cool Generic ToolTip Class for Worksheet ActiveX Controls

    Workbook Demo Hi Excellers, As the title says, this is a Class that creates ToolTips for worksheet controls .. The tooltips are made out of office AutoShapes Some of its fun features : 1- Works for all controls except for Spin and ScrollBrar controls 2- You can create a tooltip for different...
  3. L

    Dynamic Hyperlink in Autoshape based on Cell Value

    Hi, I have created an employee schedule with 26 pay periods. Each pay period has its' own worksheet for scheduling employees. To help navigate to the worksheets I created a home page on one of the worksheets and would like to create an AutoShape for navigating with a hyperlink based on the pay...
  4. D

    formatting autoshapes using VBA, loads of them

    Hi, I have a large diagram with over 400 lines in. I have another sheet with 2 columns, 1 with the shape names and 1 with values that update - to have values of 1 or 0. e.g. <tbody> Shape_code Number oval 1 1 oval 387 0 freeform 256 0 oval 27 1 </tbody> Is there a way of importing...
  5. H

    Vba to find the control points on a non freeform autoshape or vba to change shape to freeform

    I am trying to come to terms with excell 2010 autoshapes. (and no record macro for these.) The insert shape gives shapes where the points are not to be found by me but perhaps by you.. as ShapePtsArray = .Item(Li).PointS only works for freeform shapes or If on the shape you use...
  6. S

    If statement, autoshapes and multiple sheets

    Hi forum, I'm trying to create a workbook that (when done) is able to insert autoshape depending on the variable of a cell. F.x.: if cell sheet!1 A1 == 1 then insert autoshape_1 from Sheet!2 in cell B2 insert into autoshape_1/cell B3 "value from cell A2" if else sheet!1 A1 == 2 insert...
  7. T

    VBA help needed for making a range show certain table stats after the user has selected an autoshape

    I am using Microsoft Excel 2007 and I have two sheets. One is called Navigation and the other one is called Products. The Products sheet contains a table called productsT which has two columns namely: Name Of Product and Units Sold. The code I'm using is the following on the Workbook Open...
  8. O

    Excel 2003 Macro not working in Excel 2010

    Hi all, i can´t get this code to work correctly in Excel 2010. It is used to make simple organization charts, by pasting a Autoshape circle and connecting it with a line to another circle, this works fine. The macro can also be used to remove the circle and line again by using the same...
  9. M

    Macro - Autoshapes

    I currently have a map of the US with 40 stars created marking different locations throughout the DC. Right now, the star are a generic color. Is there a way to create a macro to change the color based on criteria? Each star is entitled Autoshapexxx_click. I need the ability to change the...
  10. B

    Change auto shape colour on cell value

    Hi all, I was wondering if you can help. I have created a strain gauge bridge calculator. The bridge has 4 resistors, I have also added a picture of the bridge using autoshapes and have 4 rectangles to represent each resistor (rectangle1,rectangle2,rectangle3,rectangle4). I want to add a...
  11. J

    AutoShapes VBA Macro

    I'm trying to find a way to create a Macro in Excel 2007 that creates/formats an existin AutoShape Arrow (msoShapeUpArrow) With the following properties (H: 0.13" W:0.49") With the rotation being flexible dependent on a cardinal direction (meaning If the spreadsheet shows South it would equate...
  12. E

    Searching for Text in Shapes

    Hi, we're trying to emulate "Kanban" charts in Excel - using drawings so we can easily move tickets arounds the worksheet. However is there a way of being able to "find/search" for text within drawings in an Excel worksheet? thanks
  13. S

    Autoshape Fill Pattern

    In 2003 you could add an AutoShape, right click and go to Format AutoShape, go to Fill, click on the color drop down and do to fill effects, then Pattern and select the pattern that you want to fil the shape with. In 2007 I am unable to do this. I was told there is a plug in to fix that. Is...
  14. J

    Name of the shape

    Hi. I've assigned a macro to an autoshape, but in the macro, how do I know which shape was clicked. I tried without success. activeshape anyone? thanks -james
  15. C

    Eliminate text from autoshape?

    I want to keep several autoshapes, but for some reason they have been formatted to accept text. I don't need any text, just the shape. However, whenever I click inside of one, the whole thing turns white, ready for text. There are multiple shapes nested inside one another to give a basic...
  16. caringsharingbristolbilly

    Create Excel shape from MapInfo *OR* make picture background transparent?

    Hi all. Further to an original thread (, I have a question regarding shapes and images in Excel. Basically, I'm trying to make a map of 14 regions where each region changes brightness depending on values in the worksheets. I think I've got...
  17. O

    Copy Height and Width to another autoshape

    I'm dealing with a lot of pictures and autoshapes. Sometimes I need to create an autoshape that's the same size as a picture that has already been inserted by someone else. Is there any easy way to automatically size the new autoshape the same as the picture that's already there?
  18. Greg Truby

    How to change comment's shape in Excel 2007

    This is a quick HOW TO post: To change the shape of a comment in Excel 2003 one simply makes the drawing toolbar visible, selects/edits the comment and from the drawing toolbar clicks the DRAW button and picks Change Autoshape > from the popup. However, under 2007 one no longer has the...

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