average by month

  1. S

    Calculate daily adherence required to meet goal of 85% average over 4 weeks

    Hi everyone, May I please ask for assistance with working out a formula for my spreadsheet. I am trying to calculate daily adherence required to meet the goal monthly adherence. Goal monthly adherence is 85% average over a 4 week period. I would like to input daily adherence each day and...
  2. M

    Criteria-based Calculation of the Average Amount of Working Hours

    Hey everyone, I'm struggling with trying to correct a formula which is currently delivering a wrong result or at least not the result I am supposed to achieve. The problem is that the current formula divides by the number of all rows / bookings with the same "contract number" on sheet1...
  3. P

    Month Average

    I am looking to create a formula where on the top row, I have dates for each day of the week from 10/1/17 through 9/30/18. In the first Column, I have Service Areas. My data is different counts. In one data set, I am pulling just counting numbers. In another set, I am pulling a percentage...
  4. L

    Average in multiple month

    How can I average the total amount I spent on 1 item, but only the months that I spent money on it, for example, Let's say I spend 100 on clothes in jan, 35 in March, 62 in April, 50 in August......and so on I want to only average the amount I spent in the months I spent it. Like right now we...
  5. K

    If Date is Previous Month, Average Data in QA (no VBA)

    I am tracking compliance percentages (2 rows per calendar day). I want a rolled-up matrix of the averaged results for the previous month. I want the average part of the statement to ignore blanks and errors (not column item is required every day) but include zeros (indicates non-compliance). I...
  6. P

    Year to Date Average based on Todays Date

    Hi I need and average formula that looks at today month and then averages the results accordingly. My data looks like this: <colgroup><col><col><col><col><col></colgroup><tbody> Month Revenue January $ 15,000.00 February $ 37,000.00 March...
  7. L

    Powerpivot - 'Values' - average function

    Hello, could anyone help me with the below problem; I have a table which includes the 'length of stay' (how many days someone has received the service). I want to pull this data month by month into a powerpivot chart and show the average. For some reason it wont work it out, it 'counts' the...
  8. T

    To calculate monthly and yearly gas usage between 2 random dates.

    <tbody> A B C Date Electricity (kWh) Gas (kWh) 6/26/10 4535 21747 21/12/10 6878 26787 5/5/11 8900 29001 9/10/11 10200 32901 1/2/12 14800 36980 2/7/12 18221 39001 12/27/12 19011 44012 </tbody> Hello, I would like to calculate monthly and yearly gas and electricity...
  9. S

    Creating 'Advanced' averages

    I don't know exactly how to explain what I am trying to do, so please bear with me. I have a workbook with 365 pages (one page for each day of the year). On each page (day) I have columns that track the number of people present each hour in various areas of our business. I have been...
  10. D

    Weekly and Monthly Averages from Daily Data

    I am trying to come up with formulas that will list the weekly dates based on the first date in the data table and compute corresponding weekly average. In this case, the first week must be the first full week in that month that starts on a Sunday. All other weeks must start on the subsequent...
  11. K

    Average numbers

    I am using excell 2007 and 2010 I need to find the average numbers on sheet 1 column D. Column D contains numbers as well as Blank cells. The info will be presented on sheet 2 in a monthly view. In other words i need to ssearch awithin a date range and determin the average of those numbers...
  12. F

    Lookup formula question

    Hi all, I'm trying to create a lookup formula that will enable me to populate the table below. Say, for instance, I don't have information for sep-10, I would like the formula to move across the array to the first month that there is data for, then return a three month average for from that...
  13. D

    Error proof Average?

    Hi, Trying to average column of numbers based on a monthly basis. The date column B is in ascending order, data to average is in column D. The formula I am using in G7 is...
  14. B

    adding formula to pivot table

    I have a data set that has a row per each of 4000 stock symbols per day, which contains columns of values for different categories. I want to average the Pivot table for each month. A month has about 80000 rows. I added a column in each row that uses the date and loads the correct value for...

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