1. willow1985

    Looking for a more elegant way to write the following countifs formula

    Hello, was wondering if anyone could help me with the below formula. Is there a more elegant way of writing it rather than adding each additional section? I want the formula to count E:E if it matches Z2, and if S:S matches B12, C12 and D12. Would this be some sort of Countifs/And formula...
  2. T

    Multiple IF statements with Variables

    Trying to do the following. If B12 = "#3 Ham & Cheese" and C12 = "Regular", then J12 = 6.65 If B12 = "#3 Ham & Cheese" and C12 = "Mini", then J12 = 5.55 If B12 = "#7 Turkey & Cheese" and C12 = "Regular", then J12 = 7.65 If B12 = "#7 Turkey & Cheese" and C12 = "Mini", then J12 = 5.75 There are...
  3. D

    table not properly filling formula

    im trying to insert a table in a specific range (b10 to bb11)....when I try to add to the table by typing something in b12, the referernces are messed up...eg W12 should be referring to b12, but instead references b13. yes, i removed the header row and Excel did make a warning about formulas...
  4. A

    Multiple lookup & match problem

    I type a Job name in A1 and a job number in B1 In A12 through A32 I have Job Names In B12 through B32 I have Employee names In D10 through J10 I have the weeks dates In D12 through J12 running down the column to D32 through J32 I have job numbers that match the job names I want the employees in...
  5. M

    Copy a sheet, rename it, or delete it based on cell value.

    I need your expertise with the following scenario. Start out with only two (2) sheets named Master and Sheet2. Code and calculations will reside on the sheet named Master. Cell B13 = sum of cells B3 through B12 If the value of cell B13 changes then run a code to do the following…. If cell B3 = 1...
  6. M

    Freeze cells in time!

    Hello, My question is this: Is there a way to have the values within a set of cells (which have been generated by formulas which use numbers which change often) "locked in" once a certain value is entered (like B12 = 1). So if this task were to be accomplished, when B12 = 1 certain selected...
  7. C

    If a formula brings a minus result, can another formula be used instead

    What I want in the cell basically is that if B17-b16 is a minus figure, then use B12 + b13 I thought something along the lines of =IF((B17-B16),"<0","(b12+b13)") but I just get <0 as a response Any help please? Thanks Antony
  8. R

    Greater then and = to: =IF(CB12>=BY12,"YES",NO)

    Hello my formulas is =IF(CB12>=BY12,"YES",NO) How can I make it say: IF B12 is greater then "AND" =B12
  9. B

    VBA-Adding Text After Number Entry

    I have few cells B12, B18 AND B30 That i would like to enter in a number such as 50 into B12 and then it show 50-Extras Added. Is this something that could be done?
  10. H

    Adding logical function to Indirect formula

    I have the following indirect formula =INDIRECT("'"&$A2&"'!B12") I want to amend this formula that if B12 on sheet the sheet contained in A2 in the formula contains text, then it must return 0, otherwise the value in B12 on the sheet for eg if B12 on sheet BRsales is "Sales data not...
  11. J

    IF Function

    I am sure this is easy for most of you, but I am struggling. I would like to put 2 IF Functions in one cell. I started with this and it works fine: =IF(A12="X",1,0) I would just like to add that IF B12 has an X, then it would equal 1 as well. Either A12 or B12 will have an X, never both...
  12. H


    I have a little problem here. Payment Balance A1 B1 $0 $200 A2 B2 $50 $150 A3 B3 $150 A4 B4 $150 Here is my formula: =(B2-A2) in Cell B2. I am using 12...
  13. M

    Retrieving Column Header values in a grid

    I have a large client product ID grid I am working with where I am trying to develop a formula that will pick up the column header values (product ID) if an X is present in the cell. The formula is in the Codes column, below is a sample of what I am working with but there are many product codes...
  14. J

    multi cell count in order ?

    How can I count cells A1:G1 and if it matches the criteria in the correct order then count and put the count number in cell B12. Then look at cells A2:G2 and if it matches the criteria in the correct order then count and put the count number in cell B13 and so on Example: Cell ... A B D E...

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