1. M

    Copying of formula from left to right

    I have data in a vertical column from B2 to B7, i want to keep it horizontally from C2 to H2 i.e. the data in B2 shall get reflected in C2, the data in B3 shall get reflected in D2 and so on. For doing this i am using a formula in cell C2 = $B2. Now when i am dragging (left to right) the formula...
  2. C

    SUM using INDEX and MATCH

    I am trying to sum all the matches of a cell from another sheet. =INDEX(eBIAMT,SMALL(IF(eBIOPPS=$B2,ROW(eBIOPPS)-ROW(INDEX(eBIOPPS,1,1))+1),L2)) eBIAMT is in sheet1 and it is column B eBIOPPS is in sheet1 and it is in column A $B2 is an OPPid that will or will not exists in eBIOPPS and could...

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