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    Questions about usage of SQL Server as Back end and MS Access as Front End

    Dear Friends, I am now so close to finish my Access database (2016) which include both Front end and back end. This will be used by around 200 users. I have 13 table and 13 forms. Current size of the access is 30 MB. I think it will be 1 GB after a year. So I have a plan to use SQL Server as...
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    I want to write a comprehensive program... I think

    Hi all! I have a question that is somewhat general, I'm really looking for a starting point, or a thread that can help in more depth. I do consulting work for golf courses - my background is in turf - and as part of my consulting, I often "build" chemical and fertilizer programs for use by...
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    Set ReadOnly connection between FrontEnd and BackEnd

    Hi everyone, I have a database that is currently split and I would like to prevent my users from editing data in the BackEnd database via the FrontEnd database. Unfortunately password protection is hardly an option since the BackEnd database is populated with information from an Excel file and...
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    Access front end MySQL backend conxtion troubles

    Hi all, hope someone can help me! I cannot get a connection to this MySql database for the life of me I have tried everything. this is where im at at the moment ip, port and credentials are all good but I keep getting the 'Connection...
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    Excel front end Access back end

    Hi, I have recently started documenting our network and server racks. I have decided to try and manage the document by using an Excel front end and Access back end. Not sure if this a great idea as I have no experience accessing data held in Access via Excel. Anyway... I have created a visual...

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