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    OPEX and CAPEX in Bar Graph

    I have a question on drawing bar graphs. I have calculated CAPEX and OPEX prices with a max point and a min point. Now I want Excel to produce a graph that shows the min point as the minimum and than a bar up to the max point with a point for normal CAPEX/OPEX. Is this possible?
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    Charting Duration of Events

    Hello, I am trying to chart some data that contains events that last for a random duration. Lets say I have some data like this (for 20 seconds): seconds, value 0 OFF 1 OFF 2 OFF 3 ON 4 ON 5 ON 6 OFF 7 OFF 8 ON 9 ON 10 ON 11 ON 12 ON 13 OFF 14 OFF 15 OFF 16 ON 17 ON 18 ON 19 ON 20 ON It is kind...
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    Changing a 2-D bar chart to 3-D

    Does anyone know how to change a 2-D bar chart to a 3-D bar chart? I tried clicking on the bars and then clicked into the 3-D settings in the drawing toolbar, but everything is grayed out. The 3-D settings option seems to be for drawing objects. I've also tried click on Chart Type, but I've had...

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