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    line graph not showing on top of bar stacked bar graph

    I have a stacked bar graph. I converted one of the series to a line graph (Change Series Chart type then select line graph) but the line series is not showing. Any advise? I am using Excel 2010 so No combo graph option.
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    For Loop within For Loop - Modifying Bar Chart Data Selection Range

    Hello guys first post here, So, I have a list of automotive parts, their start of production, and the capacity of the line like this: Current Part W Part X Part Y Part Z July, 2016 August, 2016...
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    Drawing a Bar Chart Within a Bar Chart and Adding a Line

    Hi, I was browsing through excel templates for budgeting and came across this template with a graph that I would like to know how to construct. Here is a picture of the graph: And the link to the template is: Event Budget Template for Excel Would really appreciate if anyone could explain to...
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    Second data series type to a bar graph

    Hey all, I'm having an incredibly frustrating problem with adding a second data series type to my already established gantt chart of lab data. Essentially I want to add a target line to the graph so the guys know a deadline for the work graphically. Unfortunately the process doesn't seem to...
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    Make bars on bar graph change color if limit passed

    Is there any type of Macro or way in excel that can make a single bar on a bar graph change colors if it is passed a certain limit. Right now my bar graph has data that is automatically updated every 10 minutes. Can we get it for a bar to change colors when a value in the range of where it is...
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    how to add single horizontal bar in excel sheet that contain 3 colors

    hi, I don't know how to use bar chart in excel sheet. please help me. I have written some test case which contain PASS,FAIL and BLOCKED status. Now i want to display a single horizontal bar with 3 different color which shows the status of test case. It should display PASS test cases with green...
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    Excel Custom Coloring Charts by RGB number in cell

    I have some excel sheets that are formatted like the following: COMPANY | TOTAL | RGB company1 | 10 | 255,000,000 company2 | 20 | 000,255,000 company3 | 30 | 000,000,255 ... My question is that I would like to have a macro that runs on this...
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    OPEX and CAPEX in Bar Graph

    I have a question on drawing bar graphs. I have calculated CAPEX and OPEX prices with a max point and a min point. Now I want Excel to produce a graph that shows the min point as the minimum and than a bar up to the max point with a point for normal CAPEX/OPEX. Is this possible?
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    One-line graph

    I need to be able to draw a horizontal line, with a range of 1 to 5, then be able to place X's and O's withing that range, to indicate several ratings. it would be best if I could do it in Word, but if not possible can I created it in Excel and drop it into my Word document? (to help think...
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    Display Average value accross the graph range

    Hi, in Excel, I have a bar graph that dislpays time taken for a certain event. This is updated daily. I wish to display an average value line across the whole chart cutting through all bar-graphs I can calculate the average value of these times in a field, but I do not know how to overlay...
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    Creating A Chart Showing Magnitude (2 X-Axis)

    Hi, I am trying to create a chart that shows the magnitude (first X axis) of a weighted average (Y axis) per Unit (second X axis). It needs to visually show the weighted average over time. Can you individually stretch each bar on a bar graph to show individual magnitudes? Thanks for all your...
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    waterfall chart scale

    I'm working on implementing a waterfall chart into some month end cash flows charts and am having trouble with the scale. I have an inflow that is infinitely bigger than all the other inflows and am wondering how to "hide" a portion of the graph so all the inflows show up on the graph. Just...

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