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  1. R

    Using mid Left right

    How will I extract the domain name(like gmail) from the email address which contains several dot. For example: I do want to extract "gmail". how can I do that? Is there any easy way please? ?
  2. S

    Problem using countif and offset when data is contained on two rows (see example)

    This is a simplified representation of the problem: How do I write a formula that will count the number of green apples from a dataset like the one below where the odd number rows have fruit type and the even number row right below it has the corresponding fruit colour? A 1 Apple 2...
  3. C

    Need Help with Creating an If-Then Statement

    I just started learning the ropes to VBA and don't fully understand it yet. I am trying to create something that will change the value of two different cells, based on the contents of one cell. Specifically, if the text in column B says "shoecare", then the contents in column E need to change...
  4. G

    How to identify the order of repeating data in a list

    Hi, This is a very basic question, I have a list of data in a column, with data that repeats iteself. What I am looking is a formula to identify which is 1st/ 2nd etc for the repeating data. So Im after a way of recreating the second column below. I know its basic but any help would be much...
  5. F

    REALLY SIMPLY question

    I have this monster string of code that I need to shorten because the code is just to big. There are a few Values that I want to return the same information. However I dont know how to make the different values = same result without the long code. Is there an "or" command that would allow...
  6. T

    If then statement

    I have a If functionI am trying to write that has to conditions and I do not know how to write it. Example: If A2 = "termination" and D2 <> "" , "True", "False" IF(logical_test, [value_if_true], [value_if_false]) I can not figuer out how to have two logical tests. Please help! Thanks!

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