1. Sean15

    Odd behavior in pivot table

    Hi: I'm trying to group dates by month and year (right click on pivot table, group) but Excel is inserting 'Group1' in pivot table and 'Date2' in pivot table field list as shown in image below. Why is the odd behavior occurring and how can I fix it? Thanks Regards, Sean
  2. B

    Workbooks.Open sets 'Saved' flag on other workbook

    I have this interesting behavior that I'd like to see if I can avoid. I'm using Excel 2016. Set YearWorkbook = Workbooks.Open("Generator.xlsm") Dim DescriptionsWorkbook As Workbook Set DescriptionsWorkbook = YearWorkbook Dim...
  3. N

    Excel Forecasting

    Hi guys, I am new to excel and can use some help. I have a table that tracks frequency counts, by date, for client behavior occurrences. So, in column A, I have all the dates for 2018, in column B, C, D, etc...are the different behaviors where I have the counts for each behavior, each day...
  4. K

    EMT537-538 Help with dynamic data into multiple sheets

    I am an Autism Specialist for a local school district and we have developed a spreadsheet to help us graphically represent data from behavior assessments to parents. It also helps us determine "why" students do what they do. Previously, we represented this data as "1 behavior" but realized...
  5. M

    PQ functions not showing in Connections

    Office 365/Excel 2016 I've started to see odd behavior in functions I add to Power Query. They work OK but are not showing up in ActiveWorkbook.Connections enumerations. Here is a simple function. (PO_Code as text) => let values = { {"BLKT", "Blanket"}, {"L", "Lease"}, {"PF"...
  6. A

    Class Generator

    Hi All - I am looking for some help with a problem for work (assistant principal). What I would like to have done is to take the following information (Student Name, Behavior, Academics, Gender) and then generate a certain number of class lists that represent approximately equal distribution...
  7. T

    LOOKUP formula behavior question.

    Hi. So I just recently learned about the LOOKUP formula and it's use for finding the last non blank cell in a range. For reference, I was looking at this explanation: So the formula that's returning the last non blank cell...
  8. B

    Is there a Count Distinct in Pivot Tables?

    I have a workbook and a pivot table. On the pivot table I have ROWS: Ethnicity and Behavior Response Behavior response includes items like Restraint and Suclusion On VALUES I have a count of Student ID. So, naturally it is counting the number of student IDs in each Ethnicity in each Behavior...
  9. S

    Tab Key, VBA Userform

    Hello, I have a very extensive workbook with a lot of VBA Userforms that we use for tracking production each shift. I am having issues with the Tab Key not moving to the next textbox and instead putting a tab within a text box. It is a very random problem. I've checked all the tabstops and...
  10. S

    text box weird behavior

    I have text boxes in excel worksheet's and they are behaving abnormally. for example: 1)when you click in the text box then use the arrow keys to move the cursor, it moves left if you press the right arrow key and right if you press the left arrow key. 2)when the cursor is at the end of the...

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