bell curve

  1. O

    Modelling a Cumulative distribution function for a skewed normal distribution

    Hi, I am trying to create a formula in excel which shows the provides the Cumulative distribution function for a skewed normal distribution giving set parameters for skewness, mean and std. dev. I have done this for a normal distribution using the Norm.Dist (Culminative True) function, but i...
  2. K

    Generate curved data set based on min., max. and average values

    I want to generate a series of values that would form a classic bell-curve shape if plotted on a graph, starting at zero rising to a max and descending again to zero, in a curve that maintains a prescribed average. The application is to generate a series of rainfall data sets using a defined...
  3. P

    Normal Distribution not working properly Bell Curve

    Hi everyone, I'm trying to do a normal distribution bell curve on a range of salaries. The x-axis seems not to be reading the salaries and hence I am not getting the right bell curve shape even though my data is normally distributed. I've done this before and it worked so I'm confused why its...
  4. E

    Bell curves for housing prices

    Hello Excel users! In short, I'm trying to create a bell curve to show low-end and high-end housing prices that I can afford based on a budget and the curve can adjust according to income. Before I go into detail, may I say that I'm brand new to this site and this is my first question to post...
  5. U

    How Do I create a (Pretty) Bell Curve in Excel 2010

    Hey guys. I have been having the worse time figuring this out. I am trying to create an attractive bell curve in Excel. My boss has put a lot of pressure on me but I just can't seem to do this. I am trying to create a bell curve based on total sqft of a store. Here is an example the data...
  6. R

    Bell Curve Histogram with 3 sigma line

    I have been asked to add a 3 sigma to the Fire and Release. The problem is I have no clue how. If you could please help me out that would be awesome! Thanks soooooo much Test stats..xlsx - Google Drive
  7. T

    Histograms - StdDev help

    Hi, I am hoping you can help. I am trying to display my information as a histogram using Std Dev. I can get the curve correct but I am having trouble with the labeling of the axis. The X axis is showing values which I did not want. What I want is to show each bin on the X axis and the...
  8. T

    Need Help with Bell Curve Distribution

    Hi, I work in contracting. I have 10 contracts I have bid on, each with a different probability of being awarded to me. I know the start date, end date, and average manpower needed to complete each job. I want to plot a manpower chart for each job, weighted by the percentage of winning, with...
  9. L

    VBA coding- generate a series of column data

    Hello everyone, I am in need of your experts' assistance to teach me how to use the VBA program efficiently. Currently, I am trying to create a simple hydrograph with a specific condition: time of peak will be at the 1/4 of total time. My base data will be the USGS Dimensionless Unit...
  10. S

    noise curve in excel

    Hello, I am very new to excel. I want to create a noise curve with a crest factor of 5 using excel. My frequency(1/T) range is 100khertz to 220Mhertz. i normally used Norm.inv(RAND(),0,1) to make some random voltages for my curve. but now i am asked to consider a crest factor of 5 for each...
  11. F

    Find Y, with X variable with set of data that forms bell curve.

    Hello All! I'm creating a PV system design tool (for my own use, but I'd will post it open source afterward for folks to use). Here is a portion of the data I'm working with: <tbody> TABLE 2: Minimum Radiation Feb Mar Jan Rank...
  12. B

    Creating distribution graph from normalized values

    Hi all, I have a column of normalized values, with mean 0, and st dev =1. It looks fishy (much more negative z scores than positive), so I wanted to take the column of values and create a normal distribution graph. That is, ideally I would want to get something that looks like your standard...
  13. Grizlore

    Grading score distribution chart and pivot table

    Hi All, Any help greatly appreciated... I am trying to produce a distribution chart (bell curve) of my company's employee grades Each employee achieves a numerical score, which results in a final grade (U, M, F-, F, F+, E, S) I am using this formula to set the achieved grade...
  14. Johnny Thunder

    Bell Curve Help!! - Excel 2010 -

    Hello all, I need help with a bell curve. I will post the data below. I will explain what I am doing. My company deals with shipping. lately we have been taking to much time shipping our packages to customers so I wanted to run a bell curve to show to management. 1. fastest shipments go...
  15. T

    NORMDIST Function

    I know the Budget, Duration, Start Date and End Date for a Construction Project. I want to fill cells on a Gant Chart to spread the Budget between the Start Dates and End Dates using a Normal Distribution. So far I have managed to get VBA to loop through the cells until it reaches the Column...
  16. P

    Original Budget and Final Costs in Bell Curve

    Hello All,<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" /><o:p></o:p> <o:p></o:p> I am a first time poster so please forgive me if this is something that has been answered before.<o:p></o:p> <o:p></o:p> What I am trying to do is create a bell curve for some analysis...
  17. S

    Bell Curve Distribution

    How can I calculate a bell curve distribution of a value across a specified number of cells? If the value is 20,000, can I ask Excel to distribute 20,000 across five cells so that the resulting values form a bell curve?
  18. M

    Question regarding how to plot interval estimates for a bell curve

    Hi! My group and I are doing a Business Statistics course, and we're pretty new at Microsoft Excel, so we're hoping we'll be able to get some help here! Microsoft Excel 2007. Question: Develop a 95% confidence interval estimate of the mean assets for the population of money market funds (the...

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