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    Benford macro help

    All, I've written a macro that does a rudimentary Benford analysis (the first digit comparison only), but after looking at the code I produced, I can't help but think there must be a better way to do it. I'm a beginner coder, at best. I'll paste the code below, and I'd love to hear if anyone...
  2. S

    Help modifying macro - accounting analysis

    I have the macro shown below, which I found in a 2003 issue of the journal of accountancy - and it works great. However, it only works on a data set that begins in cell A1. I want to incorporate it into a spreadsheet I have where my data set begins in cell E15 and goes down from there(column E...
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    Benford Macro - Please help correct

    I'm new to VBA and am using a macro to run a Benford analysis on a data set; the first part of the macro is below - the macro is setup to run in the first column and first row (I know how to adjust the columns and rows; however, there has to be data in the first row for it to run), I'm wanting...

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