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    Sub Calling Sub Best Practices

    I'm curious what the community has to say about this: Which option would be considered Best Practice for calling multiple subs? Aside from speed, which I'm not overly concerned about, does one have an advantage over the other? Why? Option A: Sub CallingAllSubs() Call Sub2 Call Sub3...
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    VBA classes - Difference between Get Property and Function

    This may be a philosophical and/or best-practise question, but what is the difference between the usage of Get properties and functions within a VBA class? For example, a class holding information about people may store the Date of Birth with associated Let and Get properties. Should the...
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    How to know if I'm using the right data type?

    Hi everyone, I'm using the Currency data type in my current User Defined Function(UDF) Add-In in Excel 2007 VBA to handle monetary values (e.g. salaries). My questions are: 1. So is the Currency data type the BEST data type for handling All monetary values this and if so, why? 2. What are...

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