between function

  1. J

    Value filtered by and between multiple values in table

    Trying to find a way to parse out data when record falls between another record. Example on 12/10/18 - Kevin time is doubled on that foreman entered his time from 8-4 and another foreman entered his time from 10-2. Since it is doubled up, I need to highlight that error. Tried...
  2. R

    Auto Populate Data between dates

    Hello, I have a unique question. I am trying to auto populate data (resource needs) between two dates in excel. For instance, each month from January 2015 (start month) to December 2017 (end month) I need 5 resources. Jan 2015=5 resources, Feb 2015=5 resources, and so on all the way to...
  3. S

    Looking up a Number between a list

    I have a list with three columns. One has the min weight and the other the max wieght. I want to find the easiest way to return a value on a third column cost. So if i were to enter 221 it would return $14. I found a similar problem with a vlookup solution but that lookup value was one or the...
  4. P

    IF formula assistance

    hi, I hope someone might be able to help me formulate a simple bonus payment spreadsheet! I am trying to fathom "less than greater than" syntax in a formula without much success...! In simple terms I am trying to find a formula that says: In n27 i need a formula "if n26 (total revenue)...
  5. Q

    HELP! Returning Value between 1 and 3

    Hello, It would be great if anyone could help me =] So sheet 1 has a list of chemical codes and next to each chemical code shows its corresponding quanityt. I want cell A2 in sheet 2 to look at A1 of sheet 2 (a specific year: 2007), and if this is the correct year then I...

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