between values

  1. G

    VLookup, Index, match or something else needed please.

    I have the following table to search: A1:D10 <tbody> ISO Start End CHG DE 1 1 1 DE 10 20 2 DE 21 30 4 DE 40 55 5 DK 10 20 8 DK 21 30 9 EE 21 30 3 EE 40 55 6 EE 56 56 7 </tbody> For each of these records, I need to return the CHG value from column D where from the table...
  2. B

    Excel function that copies rows if their value > 10

    Hello Excel specialists, I got number of sheets. In one I have list of invoices and relevant information about them. Second sheet is clients information list and third is list with overdue payments. Below I added screenshots to better understand situation: Invoice List Example: Client List...
  3. M

    Nested Countif

    This should really not be so hard. I’m trying to count the number of cells in a range between two values: <TABLE style="BORDER-BOTTOM: medium none; BORDER-LEFT: medium none; BORDER-COLLAPSE: collapse; BORDER-TOP: medium none; BORDER-RIGHT: medium none; mso-border-alt: solid black .5pt...
  4. V

    Having trouble developing this formula

    Every attempt I have made at this has returned an error in the formula, and I just can not fix it. This is what I need to populate in B1: If the result in A1 is >125% then B1 should contain FE If A1 is between 115% and 124% then B1 should contain EE If A1 is between 100% and 114% then B1...
  5. ncjefffl

    How can I look for specific value in a column and return it until another specified value occurs, then return that, etc.?

    :banghead: I am trying to eliminate some repetitive copy/pasting in a monthly worksheet. I have two columns. One contains a single occurence of a day name (Monday thru Sunday) with timeslots for each day (but also empty spaces and other info because it comes from a report pasted into the...
  6. X

    logical test problems creating formula

    I have multiple time frames and am trying to create a logical test that will return true if the time given is within the two times. any ideas
  7. G

    SUMPRODUCT to count BETWEEN numbers and only VISIBLE cells

    Hello, Im currently using this formula to count cells that match the contents of another cell. It works perfectly only counting visible cells. =SUMPRODUCT(--($A$12:$A$50000=A50003),(SUBTOTAL(103,OFFSET($A$12,ROW($A$12:$A$50000)-MIN(ROW($A$12:$A$50000)),,)))) I need another formula to count...

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