between worksheets

  1. D

    VBA to replace index matching.

    Hi Folks, I am looking for a way using VBA to do the following process: I have two worksheets: Sheet 1 (contains Table 1) and Sheet 2 (contains table 2). Worksheet 1: Table 1 - Column A contains serial numbers. Worksheet 2: Table 2 - Column A contains an index of all the serial...
  2. M

    filter one worksheet based on formulas from another worksheet

    Hi. My situation is this: Every week, I get a worksheet full of data. Some rows are relevant to me, and some are not. My goal is to quickly create a list of only the relevant rows. (I send this list on to others who are not interested in the process, so for the final product, I don't want it to...
  3. HawaiianShirts

    How to Find a Value if a Date Includes a Referenced Month

    I did some research and wrote out what I thought was a working formula, but it returned a zero. That's not what I was after. To set the stage... Worksheet 1 includes lots of data points. The relevant ones are dates (Column A), descriptions (Column D) and dollar amounts (Column F). Worksheet 2...
  4. B

    Copying formatting of cells between worksheets

    Hi There, I'm trying to copy formatting from a range of cells to a range of cells on another work sheet that will automatically update when the first one is changed. I found the below thread and tried to use the VBA scripts in it but to no avail...
  5. B

    Copy Rows between sheets

    I have worksheet1, worksheet2 and worksheet3 and I am trying to have excel do a compare of a cell in worksheet3 against a cell in worksheet2 and if a match is found copy the entire row of worksheet2 to worksheet1. <?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office"...
  6. C

    Linking All Applicable Data To Defined Range From One Worksheet to Another

    I am using an advanced filter to find all employees (from a master scheduling workbook) not available to work on a given workday. It is then pasted into a sheet in the weekly schedule. Is it possible to link this data in some way from that worksheet to another worksheet - daily schedule - to...

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