1. Johnny Thunder

    Create a Global Counter Variable and Global Limit Variable - VBA

    Hi guys, Working on a niche project today that I don't seem to have found a straight answer for. I have a Bex Analyzer (SAP) query in an Excel file to run a query but I want to trigger a macro at the end of the query refresh/run. I found some code online to figure out when the query is...
  2. R

    Using MID then IF to the result, is this possible?

    Hi! Not a seasoned user here so please be gentle :) How would I combine two formulas when one is dependent on the other? For example I am using the MID formula first to pull out letters I need. There are several answers that can be returned, but if the answer is BE, I would like it changed...
  3. A

    VBA with mail - also trying to utilize SAP BW

    I'm trying to write a macro to automate certain functions for our users. Essentially, the users would enter numbers (relating to clients) in column B and e-mail adresses in column D on a worksheet. A set of Bex reports would run based on the first number entered, then the workbook would be...

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