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    Help Creating Pivot Table

    Hello, My current raw data table reads: Monday Tuesday Black Red Black Red Car 10 15 6 7 Horse 4 2 2 6 Bike 7 3 4 5 Wagon 8 1 5 3 Is there any way to pivot this and have the filter as the...
  2. W

    VBA Code -- Code to Select Shapes Only Working on Certain Shapes

    Hello, I wrote the following code below. Anything referencing shapes 1-15, 101-115 and 201-212 work. Everything else does not and I cannot figure out why. When I run HideSignals or ShowSignal the macro does run, but nothing happens to shapes 21-32. This is true even if I rename them or create...
  3. J

    DAX Measure to rank by category and subcategory

    Hi, I have loaded a table (named "Data") into Powerpivot and would like a measure to rank by Product in each city using a ref number. I also want this rank to stay even if I filter later. <tbody> City Product Ref RANK I want Sydney Bike 100 1 Sydney Bike 102 2 Sydney Bike 105 3...
  4. T

    Animated Progress Bar For Map

    Morning, I'm looking for suggestions to achieve the following situation: We are having a charity bike rid from John O Grote's to Lands End on a stationary bike. We would like to display the progress from the bike ride on a TV from Excel. So a value of miles done will be entered regularly be it...
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    Equally split column list to a section of people

    Guys, im pretty sure this is not possible but wanted to check. I have a list of vehicles in column A and a list of 4 names in D1:D4 (dave, bob, jim and steve). I was wondering if it is possible to allocate the vehicles equally to the people named in D1:D4 so each person has an equal amount of...
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    Counting company no.s in 1 column based on criteria in another

    working on a very large spreadsheet that has the details of lots of employees and their mode of travel to work. I need to be able to a countif on the company name based on the criteria in another column <tbody> A B C 1 Mode of transport Company Name 2 Bike Test Company 1 3 Car Test...

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