bin value

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    creating BINs by altering variables

    Seems simple enough but i have been unscuccesful DATA: columns NodeName, Weight A1, 800 A2, 800.1 A3,820.9 A4,815.3 A5,801.6 A6,801.6 A7,815.3 you get the idea. very simple data, except i have thousands. I've tried creating histograms and that works fairly well but you can't really see the...
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    Histogram values

    Hi!! I'm using histogram to calculate number of flight departures in an hour interval,so the bin range i use is from 00:00 to 23:00 and input range as the dep times,why do i receive value "More" in the output after 23:00Hrs values? Is it because these are the values between 23:00Hrs and 00:00Hrs...

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