1. B

    What is early binding and late binding

    Hi I am new to these concepts. Not requesting for exact answers. You may also help me with useful links for these two. I know Google will help, but trying to seek help from experts here. Also, I have another question here. Not sure if I can merge it here only. How does early binding or late...
  2. C

    Error in Loading DLL while using late binding (Outlook)

    tl;dr - Converted from early to late binding to email a report using Outlook, now getting "Error in Loading DLL" Good morning! I developed a tool for our production operations that automatically generates an email when a report is run. It was working fine for me using early binding, but then I...
  3. T

    File System Object late binding

    This code works in early binding: Dim fso As Scripting.FileSysemObject Set fso = New Scripting.FileSystemObject Dim MyFolder As Folder Set MyFolder = fso.GetFolder("C:\MyData") Dim Num As Integer Num = MyFolder.Files.Count To change to late binding, how do I declare MyFolder? For...
  4. R

    Microsoft word Object Early/Late Binding

    I write code at home and work. Home computer needs Microsoft Word 15.0 Object Library. When I program at work the reference changes to Microsoft Word 16.0 Object Library. Then the program hangs when back at home. After searching I learned that I should use Late binding. The problem is that in...
  5. K

    Const values for late binding declarations

    Hello Everyone! I am looking for a complete list, if it exists, of all MS Office application function’s constants values. I want to be able to use late binding, but in order to do so, I need to declare all application specific functions as a Const like in the example below. Const...
  6. Dr. Demento

    CC'ing self

    Using early binding, I have automated a batch of weekly emails; however, since I won't always be the one sending them, I wanted to insert code that would automatically include the sender in the CC line. I've found the code below online, but all the examples seem to use late binding (or more...

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