1. A

    Label text blinking on a userform

    Good Day, I have a label on my userform which captioned with cell value. How do we do blinking that value when its initialize? Thanks
  2. Rick Rothstein

    Blinking Christmas Tree...

    It is that time of the year again...
  3. DaLook

    Workbook flashes

    I have an end user who s excel files constantly flash. I managed to fix some by unchecking "Show Page Breaks" but it does not work for all files. I also have tested these files on other PCs with no issues. Old file new created files all flash. Anyone have some other suggestions that I could try...
  4. B

    Blinking Text on Userform

    I have a user form that has a text box that displays either OK or BAD based on a cell value on a sheet named "FORM-DATA. I have put code in to change the color of the font based on the value, but I woudl like to make the text flash if it says "BAD". I have searched all the threads i can...
  5. VAndre

    slow refresh times in excel 2007 for workbooks with user-defined functions

    I have a couple of workbooks that use VBA functions. They have worked well in Excel2003 environments, but refresh time is very slow once I migrated to Excel2007. The speed is so slow that there is a visible series of blinks every time I refresh. It's really bad (I literally got a migraine the...

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