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  1. A

    Is there a way to apply Conditional Formatting to JUST a number in a text string?

    So, in other words: I have cells that contain text strings. The text strings may or may not contain numbers. In the event that they DO contain numbers, I'd like to set up some way to automatically make JUST THE NUMBERS bold. \ Is this possible? Either via Conditional Formatting or VBA? Thanks!
  2. Nayasoch

    Find Bold letter and add ** Before and after each bold letter of entire paragraph in Word

    Hello guys I need help with Ms word, where I have entire paragraph....I am looking for any vba code to add ** before and after each bold far I have Sum AsteriskText() Dim keepSearch As Boolean keepSearch = False Selection.Tables(1).Columns(3).Select Do...
  3. D

    insert comment field - how to reset the default font, etc.

    insert comment field - how to reset the default font, etc. the 'insert comment' field defaults to a. font size = 9 b. bold how do I reset the default to something that I prefer?
  4. B

    Format Unlocked Cell on Protected sheet

    I am using excel 2003. I have locked and unlocked cell on the same sheet. I have protected the sheet. I can enter data into the unlocked cells. But I can't BOLD the text in the unlocked cells. Is there anyway to allow the user to bold the text in the unlocked cells in a protected sheet...
  5. A

    Partially Bold Valued Cell

    My data exist on one sheet, its takes time if i go and detect partially bold valued cells. I need a code which detects these cells and then insert some rows above it..... i need regular row difference in such cells. say the last value is asif and mext value is raza. i want the row difference...
  6. A

    Finding cells with values

    Hello All I am trying to write a macro which looks at the value in a cell, and if it is empty moves up one cell, and does so continuously until the active cell has a value, at which point it makes the active cell bold. I tried using the .Find method but that code did not stop at the first cell...
  7. K

    Concatenate 3 columns and retain bold format of contents of 1 column

    Does anyone know a VBA code that can concatenate contents of 3 columns with text cells while retaining the bold format of the contents of 1 column. I have a Range A1:A5 containing text of titles that are in Bold format and I wand to combine it with text of different last names in Range C1:C5...
  8. F

    Bold part of a text with a formula

    Hi there, I am struggling to get the code for bolding part of a text with a formula. My sentence is ="That the monkey ate all the appels dated "&TEXT(InRisk,"dd mmmm yyyy") The date should be in bold Please help

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