1. E

    Removing duplicates in an array

    Hello everyone, I am attempting to remove duplicates in three columns individually. The data is a trial balance on a sheet entitled TB. I am selecting columns A, B, and C and copying those columns to a new sheet called Criteria. Once I get the columns to Criteria, I need to remove the...
  2. P

    Logic Table Newbie

    Hi- New to VBA and trying to perform a function to analyze a 3 column logic table based on certain conditions and then return a text value in another workbook. Logic table and desired output will be in same workbook, different sheets. Logic table Sec Type...
  3. G

    OR function with bond coupon payments

    Hi everyone, I'm trying to make a function that will see whether I will receive a coupon payment of a bond within the next month. So let's say a bond pays 4 coupons every year (once every 3 months) and the maturity of the bond is in August 2029, that means every 3 months (February, May, August...
  4. A

    Date yearly series generation

    Hi all, I need to generate date series in columnar form for many of Bond series from the date of purchase till Maturity date. I do not want to use fill handle as for all bond series i can not use. Following is the required sheet; <tbody> Name Buy Date Maturity Date Year Left Year 1 Year 2...
  5. B

    Trouble Extracting A String

    Hi, is there an easy way to extract a name from the following string? The string has the following format. I just want James Bond out of this string. James Bond J. Bond
  6. H

    Listing the date, activity and name on a rota

    Hi We prepare a rota where volunteers assist with activities at Church, we normally just give out the rota (an excel sheet), but a number of people volunteer for more than one thing. What I would like to do is to to give them a printed list showing in chronological order the activity they are...
  7. M

    Autcopy selected details to another worksheet, without blank rows between items

    I have data as in the example below: <tbody> Investment Value Advice required? Barclays £100,000.00 Yes Ist National £50,000.00 No Buy-to-Let Property £325,000.00 Yes Sky TV Shares £1,000.00 Yes ING Investment Bond £50,000.00 No ICI Shares £30,000.00 No MG...
  8. G

    How to AVERAGEIF Max of 2 columns values per row

    Hi, I'm trying to find a way of doing an average of the last column (assuming the max column isn't there). So averageif (max 2 values per row) for the entire range assuming that the result of the max isn't 0. So averageif NOT 0 and the max of the 2 values of Yield to maturity column and 12 month...
  9. B

    Duration of Uneven Cash Flows

    Hi all, Is there a way to calculate the duration of uneven cash flows? I realize the duration function will do the trick on a regular bond, but I need something else. The XIRR function is extremely helpful for this when it comes to yields, but I couldn't find a similar function for duration...
  10. A

    Bond Defeasance Model

    Hi all, I'm trying to understand how modeling a bond defeasance transaction works. I can't find any good templates. Would anyone mind sharing a simple model that covers the basics with me? Thanks, AP
  11. R

    Price Function

    The PRICE function in Excel has limitations on the YIELD argument (Must be positive) and the Frequency (number of coupon payments per year - wont accept 12 for monthly) How can I price a bond that pays on a monthly basis or has a negative yield

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