1. D

    Locating Form Control Buttons

    I am trying to create and locate Form Control Buttons in a Worksheet using VBA code. I am trying to get the buttons to align with cell boundaries on the worksheet. What I don't know is how to tell the ActiveSheet.Buttons.Add code to align the button boundaries with cell boundaries. E.G. cell D3...
  2. K

    Too many arguments to function in "if" function

    Hello I wrote a formula in order to trace the boundaries of some wind values. The boundaries are 0-90 / 91-180 / 181-270 / 271-360, and in return I want to get 0 for the first group, 1,2,3 for the second,third and fourth respectively. The formula is the next one...
  3. J

    How to compare a cell value to ranges in an array

    Hello All, I have always found answers to me XL questions here. Thanks for the great forum! My question is this... I have groups of people that I have calculated ages. Each of these ages are used to calculate an insurance rate factor and then multiplied by a value to get a cost. I have...

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