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    VBA Browse Multiple Files and Copy Data

    Hi Guys, I have an open binary excel file (named "Masterfile"). I badly need the codes where the macro will browse from certain Source Folder and import multiple files onto the binary file. There are 3 files inside the Source folder namely: 1.) Survey.xlsx 2.) Checklist.xlsx 3.) CB.csv . I need...
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    taking multiple inputs userform VBA

    I have multiple csv/xls files that i want to browse from user form then get specific cells data from them and copy to specific cells of already present workbook with formulas which want to browse again from user form and get output to a folder. I have multiple batch of 4 files in which i...
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    Macro Only Process on Visible Cells

    I have this macro to download images and rename them. It starts on the second row, downloads the url from B2 and renames it with the value from B1 then proceeds till it does not find any more images. I am trying to : (1) Make it only work on the visable cells if the list if filtered (2) Prompt...
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    VBA Browse for Word File and Attach to Email along with Excel File

    I can send my user form by e-mail, but I want to attach a Word file prior to the message being sent. The Word file is a requirement for me to process the form. How do I use VBA code to create a pop-up for the user to browse for the Word doc and attach it along with the worksheet in the same...
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    Browse Folder and copy sheet to active sheet

    Hi Everyone, I am new to excel programming. I found a great example of a similiar macro on this site that copies sheet1 from all files in this directory. I would like to add a couple of new features to this code: 1). I would like the user to browse to a directory for the source files. (I have...
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    Creating Browse File Input Box

    I have just finished a fairly simple VB code to convert data sourced from a txt. file into a predefined format in order for it to be run through a secondary program. Currently I am simply pasting the data in the the first box and then running the macro, however I would like to create a user...
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    Macro to open file and run further macros

    Hi there I'm trying to figure out how to get a macro in a file 1 (start.xlsm) to prompt the user to browse their computer for a second file (rawdata.xlsx), to automatically open that file and run 3 separate macros that are stored in start.xlsm on the rawdata.xlsx file. Rather than manually...

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