1. H

    Go straight to Folder when opening a workbook instead of select browse first

    I recently upgraded to Office 2019 When I open a workbook now I have to select browse , instead of going directly to the folder I would like to know if I can change this and how I go about doing this
  2. D

    Inserting an image from the browse dialog box using vba

    I have made a spreadsheet for my supervisor and he wants the ability to insert a custom signature file at the bottom of a sheet using the browse dialogue box. I already have two buttons that enter a signature each. The signatures are in the right position. Sub cmdJakeSig()...
  3. G

    Can we browse and copy all the sheets

    Hi Everyone , Can we browse and copy all the sheets to Master sheet. Like if i browse for a "Abc" excel workbook, it should copy all the sheets that are available in "Abc" workbook and paste that in Master workbook Can this be done any suggestion????? Here is what i tried Sub...
  4. D

    VBA to Browse for Folder and Merge Files - PDF

    The call of this macro seems easier to explain than tolocate online. I'm rather green in VBA, so any related items I have foundlooked like Greek to me. Any assistance is greatly appreciated. The call of the Macro: Open Shell App to allow me to browse for afolder on my computer Select...
  5. C

    Average calcs

    Hi there, ive got 4 dimensions to my dataset e.g. below <tbody> <colgroup><col><col><col span="2"><col><col span="3"></colgroup><tbody> Apples Pears Oranges 2017 2018 2017 2018 2017 2018 Manchester % people browse 50% 52% 40% 42% 35% 38% % people purchase 26% 30% 22% 21%...
  6. T

    VBA - Upload file to website (through browse button)

    Hi guys. I' currently in the process of writing some code to make one of my daily tasks a lot faster. I'm navigating to a website through VBA and need to upload a file in the very end of the task. The file is uploaded via a "Browse" button. I have managed to click the Browse button (via...
  7. S

    Looking for a Macro to browse for a folder

    I am looking for vba code to browse for a folder. Does anyone have existing code that they could share that will do this? 64 bit compatable
  8. R

    Import From Excel - Cmd Button

    Another question. I have a Command Button which opens the import wizard. Is there a way to, by default, have the selection to "Append a copy of the records to the table" and have the table "HSST_Master" pre-selected? So that when a user goes in, all they have to do is Browse for the correct...
  9. sharky12345

    Browse for new save location then copy file across

    Can someone show me how to browse for a folder to save a file and then once the user has identified a folder copy a file across to it? I haven't got the details yet of the file that will need copying across but I will have the full path when it comes to it.
  10. T

    VBA userform-Select multiple workbooks with diff names through browse dialogue.

    Hi guys, Need a way to select multiple csv/xls files with different names through browse function. code I have now: Fname = Application.GetOpenFilename(FileFilter:="XLS Files (*.xls),*.xls,CSV Files (*.csv),*.csv", Title:="Select a file or files", MultiSelect:=True) I have...
  11. T

    Copying data from one workbook to another without opening source file

    Hello there, Some advice please. I have a workbook with two sheets: Master and Profile. I want to create a button in Master which opens a dialogue box that allows users to browse to other Excel files. The user chooses their file and the contents are automatically copied and pasted into the...
  12. E

    Reference a workbook from a list

    I want a macro that will allow users to choose a workbook from a specified folder, and copy information from that workbook. So I guess I would like excel to provide a list of workbooks in a folder (if Possible), then have the user select the one they want, then have excel use that workbook for...
  13. E

    Macro to browse and insert picture file in word

    I am trying to write some code that upon pushing a command button, it prompts the user for the number of pics they want to insert into a word doc and then initiates a loop that opens a browse window to let the user choose each picture. The issue I am having is that after the user chooses the...
  14. G

    Browse Folder ComboBox

    Hello! I have a form that pops up and requests data from the user. I would like the user to select a folder to look in and open the files related to that data. Is it possible (and relatively simple) to have a combobox that populates itself with the folders and directories on the system? If so...
  15. T

    Browse Dialog Box

    Hi There, I have a button (browseMain) that brings up a File Browse Dialog box. When i have selected the file i need the file location into the textbox (browseBox) next to the button. Any ideas how this is done Thanks
  16. M

    Using InputBox to navigate to path

    I'm working on a macro right now and I've run across a problem that I don't know how to solve on my own. The macro I am creating will be used once a year to consolidate data across workbooks and worksheets that retain a constant structure. They never change in structure, only in data. The...

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