1. A

    Bubble Chart & Pie Chart combined

    Hello I have been asked to create a bubble chart but I need to have each bubble dislaying 2 pie pieces (for example one bubble that has a "pie piece" to represent 10% of the bubble. Does anyone know if this is possible? Thank you for your help
  2. K

    Bubble Chart

    Hi All, I have created a set of bubble charts. The 'Z' value has positive and some negative values. When positive, the bubbles look fine. But when negative, the bubble disappears and no negative values are shown. How do I fix this? Thank you in advance.
  3. D

    Bubble chart twist

    I am thinking of doing something I don't know is possible. I have a bubble chart that is variable in the data it will display. I have data labels on one series to define the components of all the bubbles in the one lane. I would like to make the data label on a click, go back to the data in...
  4. M

    Shapes (groups) and Page Breaks

    Hey guys, So I've got a vba script that takes a bunch of text from one sheet and turns it into a speech bubble layout (similar to an iphone text message screen) on another sheet. These "speech bubbles" are inserted into a sheet as Shapes in the vba code. The whole thing works great, i've got...
  5. D

    bar chart with +- comparison at top

    How can I make an excel 2013 chart with bars that compare one FY to the next FY with the percent difference in a bubble above the two bars. i.e. First number is FY17 (10.00) second is FY18(9.91) (.......added for spacing) The (-8.6) is in a bubble with arrows from 10.00 to 9.91...
  6. I

    Bubble Chart

    I am trying to Create a Bubble Chart With the following data I would Like the x-axis to be the top row (Red Numbers) and the y-axis to be the Left side row (Blue Numbers) with the bubble size being the data in the middle. I have been unsuccessful in having Excel Plot this data correctly...
  7. G

    Vlookup or Macro?

    Hello Everyone. Im trying to figure out the best way to do this. What I want to do is: I have 2 worksheets "Bubble (Image 1)" and "Sheet 2 (Image 2)". The Bubble sheet I have a mix of names of Direct Hire and 3rd Party hires. I want to compare the Name and/or ID on the Bubble sheet to the Name...
  8. E

    Excel VBA bubble sort 2 key sorts

    I would like to use bubble sort (I am ok with only one sorting key) for my Excel data in an array as this a 10 b 5 a 2 a 5 b 2 and the result to be like this a 2 a 5 a 10 b 2 b 5 Can it be accomplished? How about 3 sorting keys (or more) Thanks.
  9. G

    Scatter / Bubble Chart

    Hello, How are you doing? I got an internship during the summer and one of the tasks that I had was to plot some data in Scatter / Bubble Chart, however, I still struggling with it. Just to give a short background about the data: The data were collected in a small-scale fisheries community...
  10. M

    Space out data labels in bubble chart?

    I am making some bubble charts and the amount of data points varies each time and the length of the data labels varies each time. Is it possible to ensure that the data labels do not overlap with one another every time I re plot it? I manually move them but obviously with new data they overlap...
  11. F

    Template for a 255-series scatter and/or bubble chart - multiple series scatter

    Hello! I'd need to create a scatter chart and a bubble chart where each point/bubble is a standalone series. All series should have the same marker/colour/format and will have 3 values for the scatter (series name, X value and Y value) and 4 for the bubble (series name, x value, Y value...
  12. N

    Bubble Visualization of 'Excel Questions'

    Here is a quick bubble pack layout of this sub-forum Bubble My Page Visualization - http://www.mrexcel.com/forum/excel-questions/ - using D3js.org You can generate such bubble visualization for any tabular data including excel or flat files. -NJ
  13. P

    Bubble Chart Drop Down Conditional Formatting

    Hello there, I've got a Bubble Chart which is linked to a drop down menu containing 6 options. I want to have the bubbles change color depending on which option is chosen in the drop-down menu. Is this possible without VBA? Thanks kindly, Paul.
  14. 5

    Buble Chart: Small values completely disappear

    Hi All, I have created a bubble chart, when the values are very small the bubble and label completely disappear. (using excel 2003) The value of the size data is between 1-761 currently but could conceivably be between 0 and 10000. I have set the labels as non scalable so although it will...
  15. J

    Bubble Chart Creation

    I am new to Excel and easily lost in Visual Basic. Here is what I am trying to accomplish: 1. I have four variables: X axis: Value (scale 1 to 5), Y Axis: Risk (scale 1o 5), Complexity: Circle (small, medium and large indicating level of complexity, and Schedule: Green (on-track), Yellow (less...
  16. M

    Bubble Charts Help PLEASE

    I have created a bubble chart with three different inputs. Country Name, Ease of Doing Business Rank, 2009-2014 Avg. Projected Real GDP Growth and have created a bubble chart from this data. I have created them in a single series and would like to get the country name to appear as a data...
  17. N

    function bubble sort three numbers

    i need help any example post on bubble sort function not a sub that can sort three numbers and display it in any way via the three sorting cells or in the function cell using only single array dimension. also the function should use as double for all numbers to sort. here the sample question...

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