budget variance

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    Variance, 0 Divisor, and Conditional responses

    I am currently working on a sample events budget and I would like to show the variance between my actual and projected budgets and whether or not our forecasting was successful. However, there are some instances in the example where the actual amount used was $0.00 while there was a number...
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    Conditional sum

    Hi, I've got a workbook for budget variance but need the total budgeted hours to reflect only up to the week beginning of todays date as opposed to the whole year so trying the following formula; =SUMIF(C5:AH5,IF(A3>=C5:AH5,1,0),C9:AH9) where C5:AH5 = week begin dates A3=...
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    Pivot Table: Grand Total/Difference for Rows

    I use a pivot table to summarise data in two columns: Actual and Budget. If "Grand Totals for Rows" under PivotTable Options is checked, the final column displays the sum of the two items for each row. Obviously, adding a budget figure to an actual is meaningless. However, if this column could...

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