bullets and numbering

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    text bullets and numbering

    Hi, I have added Textbox into PPT and I want to put there a text with few line - each should be marked by bullet (dot or circle) or by number (like 1, 2). Example: 1. Some long text 2. Other text etc.... How can I do it? activeSlide.Shapes.AddTextbox msoTextOrientationHorizontal, Left:=0...
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    Formula for Specialized Numbering (bullet style)

    I apologize if this has been covered. I did quite a bit of research, but wasn't able to find anything that helped me (maybe I was using the wrong terminology). I have a very large spreadsheet with a list of clients with several sub categories for each client. I need 2 formulas (preferably, no...
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    find in excel replace in word using specific formatting

    Hey all, I am looking to find text in word and replace it will a cell in excel. That i am able to do perfectly. However I would like to format the data into bullet points. Currently i am using a variable in word to perform the find/replace. That variable maps over as such...
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    Bullet/Number Format in an excel textbox

    Trying to format textbox within an excel workbook tab and it doesn't allow the intervals in the numbered sequence. In other words, I can get the basic format when selecting number (1,2,3, etc.), but when I try to get the next level of format (1-a, 1-b), it simply tabs forward with the spacing...

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