1. P


    Hi, I have a in the middle of the vba code something like this Slides(1).Shapes("Rectangle 6").TextFrame.TextRange = paragraph The paragraph has 13 lines and i don't know how can I format this shape "rectangle 6" to have: Line 3 and line 9 - Bold line 4, 5, 6, 7, 10, 11, 12 and 13 -...
  2. rjbinney

    Importing Formatted DOCX Text Into an Excel Sheet

    I thought this would be super easy-peasy. But man I am stuck. I have a Word table - that has formatted text (bold, italic, indents, bullets, and carriage returns inside the cell) that I need to preserve. I'd like to be able to put that inside a spreadsheet. But when I copy-and-paste, it...
  3. H


    how to apply formulas in bullets? i want three bullets in a single cell each having different formula, in the single cell
  4. F

    text bullets and numbering

    Hi, I have added Textbox into PPT and I want to put there a text with few line - each should be marked by bullet (dot or circle) or by number (like 1, 2). Example: 1. Some long text 2. Other text etc.... How can I do it? activeSlide.Shapes.AddTextbox msoTextOrientationHorizontal, Left:=0...
  5. P

    Bulleted list

    Help, please. I need to create a bulleted list in ONE cell. So it should look like this Thing 1 Thing 2 Thing 3 The catch is the data is in multiple, separate horizontal cells. How could I combine the horizontal data vertically and then turn it into a bulleted list in a single cell?
  6. G

    Alt + 7 Bullet shortcut

    Quick problem that is really inconvenient. Within Excel 2010, I used to be able to hit Alt + 7 to enter a bullet within a cell. Now when I type it, the cursor just blinks and no bullet or text is entered. Is there a setting that could have changed this or anything else? Thanks in advance for...
  7. R

    Macro for creating bullets in word from excel

    Hello everyone, I wrote a macro in an excel spreadsheet that takes data from excel and then places it in a word document template that the macro loads from the C drive. I wasn't sure how to make the bullet formatting properly, so i recorded a macro in word that essentially goes to a bookmark...
  8. 5

    copy cell containing multiple fonts

    Excel 2000, WinXP Does anyone know how to copy/paste a cell containing multiple fonts and keep it that way without having to reformat the newly pasted cell? Example: I have a cell with bulleted text (the bullets were created using a Wingdings font, the rest of the text is regular Arial) I'd...

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