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    Stability concerns SAP BO 4.0

    I am evaluating SAP BO 4.0 for our BI implementation.I have been exploring SAP BO web intelligence. Once of my concern is when creating reports, it often breaks. And the new functionality of bringing in data from excel spreadsheets and merging with existing universe doesn't work as expected...
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    Business Objects Data Provider Edit

    Hello, I am operating Business Objects from an excel spreadsheet using VBA. I have managed to get to the stage of opening BO, logging in, opening a report and then opening the query panel (data provider) as shown below. However, how do I edit the data provider from VBA. For example, if I...
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    SAP Business Objects Financial Consolidation Excel Add-In Automation

    I have a SAP Business Objects Web 7.5 Add-in in Excel 2007. The add in itself is made up of a compiled .xll file (CtExcelLinksWeb.xll) and a number of dll's. A bit of vba shows the xll is registered, and all of its registered functions. However, when I try to use one of these functions in VBA...
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    Use a variable as a sum factor.

    Hi Mr Excel I run a small business, where I have a few employees. I want to create a timesheet, where the weeks are divided into seperate sheets and in the end i have a aggregated sheet. I need a formula that can aggregate all x, y and z seperately from the week into my aggregated sheet. i...
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    Have to open and save excel File in order for access to import

    Hey guys I think I may have a tough question So I query data from our SQL db with sap business objects infoview and it spits out an excel file. I have aN access db with a macro that pulls the excel data into a table with docmd transfer spreadsheet. (used macro builder.) The problem is: It will...
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    Business Objects 6.5 and Excel 2003

    Hi, I have excel workbooks which I constantly update with data from Business Objects. I was looking to create a macro to auto update the excel sheets. Would anyone be kind enough to give me some inputs into this please? It will be better if I let you know first that I know only the basics of...

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