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    Goal buster

    Hello, Its been a while and I hope someone can help. I have a fairly simple spreadsheet which is called Buster. It consists of various people who gamble on football teams scoring some goals or not each date they are playing. As soon as some one reaches 21 goals they win. However if they go over...
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    Formula required for ascending values

    I would like to find a formula that produces Names and $values in ascending order. Example :- Cell a1 =John Cell b1 = $70 a2 = Bill b2 = $100 a3 = Jane b3 = $25 a4 = Frank b4 = $10 a5 = Mary b5 = $60 a6 = George b6 = $30. ANSWER...
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    Protecting a spreadsheet from being copied

    Hi to you all. Can I protect a spreadsheet from being copied or pirated and being passed onto someone else without my permission. I was thinking of by way of inserting a date at which time the program will fail to operate. Or a corrupt formula maybe activated after a preset time. Any...

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