1. F

    Bypassing Website Security Certificate in Excel Refresh

    Hi, I currently have a code that runs when I open a workbook that simply refreshes all external data links, sorts information into order, saves and closes. A couple of different websites that I'm linked to have issues with certificates, and a popup appears halfway through the refresh all...
  2. M

    Tidy up VBA code.

    Hi I have VBA code that I have written....... It works but looks untidy. Can someone offer advice on how to tidy it up with a loop so I can extend the ranges that are compared? (Extend to B3:30 & C3:C30) Private Sub CommandButton1_Click() 'Security Pin If...
  3. andrewb90

    disable selection change vba while running other code

    Hello all, I notice that my code is always running through my various selection change codes when I run a macro, is there any way I can have those bypassed while macros are running? I feel that would speed things up.
  4. Z

    Problem executing macro on first run after opening workbook

    Hi This is my first post, and I'm quite a newbie to VB so please be gentle. I'm having an issue whereby the code that I've written (with a little help) to save the existing file as new, which checks to see if a file already exists with the same name, doesn't run as expected on first run after...
  5. S

    Prompt for Passsword if not on approved list using windows authentication

    I have been searching for this without any luck. I am looking for a code that will look at a very hidden sheet called "Approved Users" for a list of approved names that = their windows authentication (or login user name). If it is found then the password prompt is bypassed and they are allowed...
  6. M

    Outlook Warning Message *VBA*

    Hey All, I have the following code that produces a summary from an excel workbook that that sends to an email address. The problem Is, I get the message "A program is trying to send an email message on your behalf". THis means it can't be automated in its current state. Sub...
  7. S

    Help. Can I bypass a single line from a code

    I was wondering if anyone can help me with this. (ps I'm new at vb but enjoying it immensly) Sub AcceptPriceChangesClient1() Range("c13:v13").Select Run ("PriceChangesStep1") ' to copy range c13:v13 Sheets("1").Select Run ("PriceChangesStep2") ' to paste...

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