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    Automate charts with data formulas

    Hello Excel friends, I'd greatly appreciate help to learn how to do a couple of Excel tricks. The 'Data' sheet contains a single column A which houses the data in <Sheet1!B:B>. I'd like the chart to always display the x-most recent quarters of data, x being $C$2. If it's possible, I'd like $C$1...
  2. B

    Large Function and Cell Address Problem

    Good Morning, I have identified the 2 largest numbers in a row using LARGE in a range A1:F1 with the answers in A3 and A4. Then I tried to identify the cell reference for each using using =CELL("address",INDEX($A$1:$F$1,MATCH(A3,$A$1:$F$1,0))) for the 1st and...

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