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    Calculate Average In A Column Based On Criteria In Another Column In Excel

    I'm Trying to calculate the average for the Software Design only based on the numbers that have a -140- in them how do i go about this? please look at the image it wont always have the same number of 140 i want it to check for 140 and then count it in the average if its 140...
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    How to Calculate "Average %" dependent on Cell Value

    Hello Everybody, I'll try my best to explain this complex situation. There is data in column A and Column D. Data in column A is account no and data in Column D is some % value. Each account can have multiple % (please refer table below for example) Now I am trying to write a code to see if the...
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    How do you find an average of multiple cells only AFTER values have been entered in ALL of those cells?

    Hello, I am working on an electronic score sheet for a pool (8-ball) league. My customer wants to perform a calculation of a NEW player's handicap upon completion of the NEW player's first four games. The problem is that for most new players, they have not yet established a handicap, so users...

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