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    Creating a calculated field in a pivot table for time difference

    Hi, I am getting the wrong results in my pivot table's calculate field. I am trying to have a calculated field which gives me the difference between StartDate and EndDate (a promotion sale period). I would appreciate the help. Here is a link to the excel demo file...
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    Pivot, subtraction based on filters

    Hello, I'm having a list which adds one row for each action. Ie one row for adding item X, and one row for removing item X. I can filter based on add and remove. I'm trying to create a calculated field in a pivot; NET ADD; Sum of Action filtered add, subtracted for action filtered remove. I'm...
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    Code to Calculate Certain Cells Upon User Entry

    Hi, I have a workbook with a "landing page" where users enter some information, then click a button to run a macro that calculates the (large) workbook. Only the landing page is set for automatic calculation. This works fine, but at one point on the page the user enters a ZIP code and I want it...
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    Find duplicate cell, insert row below, calculate VBA

    Greetings, After searching the forum, I cannot locate anything similar to this scenario, so here it is: 1. Locate duplicate part numbers (Column C). 2. When identified, insert a blank row below 3. Copy cells above blank cell in Columns A, C, D, and E 4. Concatenate the two cells above blank cell...
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    Advanced Excel: Pivottable Calculate Percentiles

    Hello, I have a PT with 2 Row Fields ("Product" & "Customer") and 1 Column Field (" Net Sales") I would to calculate the "Percentile (Netsales; 75%)" for each "Product" ... Anyone an idea on what the calculated field should be? Or another solution ..? Best Regards, Sige
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    Need help with macros for excel worksheets...

    I need to write macros to do two things... 1) I need to delete all records in a worksheet for which column F contains a comma OR a specific substring, "Dwl:" (which is part of a longer string..."Dwl:Hse,Tlr,Apt, Dup"). 2) I have worksheets in which column A contains house address numbers. I...
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    Use Calculate Field in a Pivot Table to calculate a Monthly Average from the Category Grand Totals (the Sum of the Monthly Totals)??

    Using Excel 2007 & Windows XP. I've made a Pivot Table that filters pages by Years, then gives me monthly transaction totals by categories. Months across the columns and categories down the rows, and gives me the Grand Totals for each Month at the bottom and the Grand Totals for each category...

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