calculating time

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    Calculating Time Units - VBA User Form

    I have code that will calculate time elapsed and how many 15 minute units are between the two times entered. It was later decided that an user form may be the more appropriate approach for my audience but I have 0 experience with user forms. I made an attempt but I can't figure out how to make...
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    Calculating time from 2 columns

    Hi, I have two columns like this way. <tbody> a 102 103 a 135 136 a 157 160 b 189 191 b 201 202 a 222 223 a 245 250 b 290 292 </tbody> Here the values are in seconds. I want to write a formula, which show the total duration of seconds of a and b. For example: here total...
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    Calculating Time

    I have a spreadsheet detailing employee time swipes through a card reader. Unfortunately, all of the time data is in a single column. What is the easiest way to calculate hours worked per day? I'm looking at all data for all employees from January 2011 through February 2011, so it's a large set...
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    Difference Between two dates and times

    Aloha, I have A1= Date A, B1 = Time A, C1 = Date B, D1 = Time B, E1 = Hours between Date&Time B and Date&Time A how can I enter a formula that takes the date and times from separate columns and calculates them? Mahalo in advance!

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