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    Calculating variance, sum, average for range of rows during a specific time interval???

    Hello all, I have a huge csv file with a few hundred thousand rows. I would like to perform statistical calculations on it and also obtain the first row value, for each time interval. Example for every 300seconds, I would like to calculate the variance of the total number of rows within the...
  2. J

    Is possible to sum a column and put the value below last row of the column?

    Is possible to sum column's value and put it into below last of the row? I know how to put data as last row of value, but can't figure it out how to put a value below last column. Thank you!
  3. K

    calculation based on results

    Looks like my calculations today are kinda slow since im looking into improve or get some results. i have the following: <tbody> name survey count current score failed survey good survey survey goal anderson haley 44 89.00% 4.84 ¿? 92.00% </tbody> assuming that D2 is =B2-(B2*C2)...
  4. L

    Pivot SubTotal not calculating the row but the sum instead?! PLEASE HELP ME :(

    Hi, I'm facing a real problem... and I just cannot seem to find the answer / solution for it (if there is one). I'm not quite sure how to best explain this, thus I have the below image to help. In essance, I need to buid a pivot with % (showing the leftover or usage of something). All in all...
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    Formula to choose largest number first.....

    I am a beginner in trying to write a what I think is a complicated spreadsheet but may not really be. I have looked online and cannot find a direct reference to what I am looking to do. I want to build a quoting database in either Excel or Access and am trying to determine which software would...
  6. G

    SumIf/IfStatements: Referencing more them one attribute

    Hi all, just wondering if any one can help with my If statement dilemma. I'm creating a stock tracking excel for my company and have run into a issues when writing an if statement which is reference more then on attribute on the worksheet. So far I have Created a input form in which...

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