calculation pivot table

  1. U

    Calculation in Pivot

    Hello, Is there an easy way to get 'OT divided by Grand Total' in the pivot table? I need it to be a field in the pivot table so that the calculated fiend changes when putting new Cities in the pivot table. I really apprecaite any help!! <TABLE style="WIDTH: 670pt; BORDER-COLLAPSE: collapse"...
  2. E

    How to calculate percentage from Pivot Table

    May I know how do I write the VB code to calculate the Percentage of sum/count using the same pivot field in pivot table calculation? Note: SumGood_Apple and TotalCount_Apple are generated from the Pivot Table using the same pivot fields. And I assume the Percent of Apple can also be generated...
  3. kc.crow

    Elementary pivot table question that I'm just not seeing

    Hello Have what seems to be an easy pivot table question that I haven't been able to get right. Below is my data Excel WorkbookBCD11DivisionDataTotal12CB_CATCount of GID43713*Count of Completed Form214CIECount of GID215*Count of Completed Form*16Industry AutomationCount of GID149717*Count of...
  4. D

    Pivot table

    Whats the best way to calculate 4Q sales if sales for Q1-Q3 are known using a pivot table? The table includes sales for different product category, and regions for the same company by quarter.

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