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    Creating calendar view from list of data

    Hi – I hope you can help, this is proving beyond me… I have two tables. The first contains the data, in this case a list of activities carried out in a personal fitness log and the date of each: <tbody> Date Activity 01/08/2016 <tbody> Running </tbody> 01/08/2016 Cycling 02/08/2016...
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    Outlook 2010 - problem when using multiple calendar -

    hi, I work with multiple calendars in outlook and there is a need to open and close them often. My issue is that my own personal calendar is not always the first one. Is there a setting that would make my calendar always be the first when I open multiple ? Thanks for the help yet again you...
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    Calendar View in Excel

    All, I am preparing a project management tool and in one of the views and we are showing a calendar in which milestones of a project are displayed. I understand there is a calendar widget in VBA, but do we have a calendar view in excel spreadsheet that performs a simialr function...

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