1. D

    Strong typing TempVars

    Hello. When developing, I have found it convenient to use TempVars because they maintain state even when my VBA project does not. In addition, I don't have to run a load procedure every time I restart my code. To provide a bit of validation and intellisense, I wrap them in properties in a...
  2. S

    How to call a button click from another Macro?

    Hello, There is a button click private sub on another sheet, I just want to invoke it from a macro. The below doesn't work: CallByName Sheet30, CommandButton10_Click, VbMethod Is there a better approach?
  3. P

    Mimick a first click of a created on demand object

    I have a userform that during run time creates 256 individual labels (they represent 5 charts with 53 weeks of data). This works great, I move the axis and scale as needed, I color code them based upon data in the spreadsheets, they have control tips to show their full value.s I also have...
  4. C

    Too tricky?

    Hello, I'm struggling for a while with a generic mechanism to assign some short-cuts to methods that are implemented in classes. This is what I have so far: In a class module ("test2"): Private Sub Class_Initialize() Dim var(0 To 1) As Variant var(0) = 5 var(1) = "ThisIsAstring"...
  5. craig.penny

    Naming Variables With Other Variables?

    This might be a ridiculous want but I'll ask anyway. I'd like to be able to create a number of variables based on user input. Something like this: '------------------------- Dim Counter as long Dim X as long X = inputbox(prompt:="Enter Number of Blah Blah") For Counter = 1 to X Dim...
  6. E

    Calling Procedures in Another Workbook and Passing Variables

    Hello- I have a VBA Routine where I open workbook and run some code in the newly opened workbook that requires two input parameters...I've been trying to pass them ByVal however the debugger now does not recognize the Call to the procedure if I include the variables...anybody have any ideas on...
  7. craig.penny

    using string to call a userform

    Hi all, I have a string variable which I have succesfully passed to a sub in a userform. The variable is used to call a second userform from the one it was passed into. My problem is that I have no idea how to execute the %^&$ thing. Suppose I have a variable MyVar = "MyName" which...

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