1. M

    Calulating a value without a circular reference

    Hello, This one is a bit hard to explain and even harder for me to figure out a solution in Excel. Cell A1 = 3 Cell B1 = 5 Cell C1 = .25*D1 Cell D1 = SUM(A1:C1) In algebra it would be... A1 + B1 + C1 = D1 where C1 = .25*D1 thus... A1 + B1 + (.25*D1) = D1 where A1 = 3, B1 = 5 and solve for...
  2. K

    VBA to save without calculating

    hi all, Sometimes while working in large files I like to save the file without it calculating.. Currently I just press save, then escape, and select the option to save without calculating I'd like to write a quick macro that can do this but am completely stumped as to how.. any ideas? thanks
  3. E

    Is it a Workday?

    Hi there, I’ve had a good look around for an answer to this but no luck! Hope somebody can help. I’m familiar with using the workday function to work out what the date is it in 6 working days time, however what I can't work out is how I can evaluate whether a date is a working day on not? My...

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