1. S

    Launching Camera from Excel and take a picture to insert in worksheet

    We would like to launch the camera from excel and insert the picture where active cell is. Is this possible ?
  2. D

    Camera tool to view a (Changable) range of cells

    I have a workbook set up as a team calendar, the first sheet "Programme" contains all the calendar data with a second sheet "dashboard" containing some calculations. Within "Programme" columns D to NI represent every day of the year and rows 3-32 represent staff, columns A-C holds a list of...
  3. S

    Show different worksheets with Camera Tool but the ability to edit data shown?

    Using this YouTube video as a guide I have created a Dashboard of sorts which has a Dropdown box and this shows data from numerous sources. The sources are mainly Pivot Tables but is there a way to actually edit whatever is being shown in the Camera...
  4. M

    Excel 2016 Camera Showing Cropped Results

    Hi, I'm trying to use the camera tool. I'm highlighting the cells B4:C23. The image that is showing is from B4 to about half of B19, or simply put the image is cropped. I unmerged all the cells that were in the workbook and it did not work. Any thoughts? Thanks.
  5. C

    camera tool image scale messed up

    Hi, I use the excel camera tool a lot to create "dashboard" type of page. The issue is when I select the range and create an image with the camera tool, the "Scale height" and "Scale Width" of these images are not 100%. It is around 93~94% on height, and 67% on the width. HOWEVER, the image...
  6. G

    Camera Tool with Match

    I have a spreadsheet with multiple tabs: Sheet1 is Summary and Sheet2 - Sheet20 are all the details (but from here on, we will focus on Sheet1 and Sheet2 as Sheets3-20 will follow the same logic as Sheet2, but I don't want to be told that if it is only one sheet why waste my time). Sheet1!B1:L1...
  7. V

    Camera Tool doesn't work

    When I use camera tool in Excel to copy a chart, I follow instruction carefully but the picture only shows part of the chart. How can I fix it?
  8. D

    Take photo from camera app on Windows 10 tablet directly into Excel?

    I'm completely clueless here! I do have some code to run the app from Excel and then user can use camera regularly, but how to save taken picture directly into Sheet? Sub RunCam() Dim SHRTCT As String Dim RNCMD As String SHRTCT = "C:\Users\Public\Desktop\yyyy.lnk" RNCMD = "RunDLL32.EXE...
  9. RobbieC

    VBA sub to launch external app/program

    Hi there, I have a macro (AddNewPhoto) which allows me to select a photo and put it into my spreadsheet. The macro is triggered from a button on a userform. I have also got a macro which will launch the camera on my tablet: Sub launchCamera() Dim MyFile As String Dim Cmd As String MyFile =...
  10. A

    VBA Insert images

    Hi All, Been looking around the site, tried a few things and can't find a way to get this working So time to ask for some help / establish if what I'm trying to do is even possible :eeek: So, I am looking for a VBA Macro that will insert the latest image from a camera directly into excel -...
  11. J

    Dynamic Camera (indirect reference) Trouble

    I can't make indirect references in the camera tool! Lets say I name some ranges "triangle", "square" and "circle" and inside I put respective shapes. If I create a "camera window" (or wtv) and change it's formula to "=square" it will work. If I use the mouse to pick up or type the specific...
  12. A

    Camera tool prints column letters & row numbers

    I'm using Excel 2010. When I use the camera too to take a snapshot of a range of cells in one worksheet and "paste" them into another worksheet they look fine, update properly, etc. However, when I print the worksheet the camera image prints with the column letters & row numbers around the...
  13. N

    Saving a Camera Tool Snap shot

    In Excel 2010, I used the camera tool to take a snapshot of a selction of cells. How do I save the snapshot only as a JPG or GIF file? I know that there are programs outside of Excel that can take snapshots or print screens, but I need to accomplish it using the camera tool so the snapshot is...
  14. R

    How do I add this code? sets resolution of web cam

    Hello, I got this piece of code off a forum here. It allows me to take a picture from a web cam inside Excel and save it to my C drive. The problem is that the resolution is so low I cannot use it for its purpose. The company that created the camera sent me this piece of code but I cannot...
  15. H

    Dragging a Camera Shot of a Cell onto a Bitmap

    Version: Excel 2003 I have set up a workbook with a master matrix on one worksheet and then about 10 other worksheets in the same file have imported bitmap images on them. My intent is to use the little camera function to take a snapshot of a cell on the master matrix page and then drag it onto...
  16. P

    IF Function Linked To A 'Picture Window'

    Dear All,<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" /><o:p></o:p> <o:p></o:p> I am currently using a picture which links to a cell which changes its value depending on a selection from a user form drop down. All values within this cell are named ranges and using...
  17. P

    Camera Tool & Indirect Function

    Dear All, <?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" /><o:p> </o:p> I am currently trying to use the camera tool in excel to display different graphs depending on what a user has selected in a drop down window – drop down window created using forms tool. <o:p>...

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